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  It has come to my notice that  federal system of government is not working in Nigeria and has no signs of working in the future but first what is federal government system? Federalism is defined as a system of government that separates power between a centralized government and several localized satellite governments, such as states with each entity having defined or self determined actionable powers.

 Now i Have a suggestion. why not practice what i have tagged "Earn As You Generate" system of government or E.A.Y.G. government system. Well the idea is that every state is responsible for its self to a very high percentage economically, socially but not sovereign. in other words financial bodies and other social structures can be of different forms ranging from state to state as it suites the state. but the main control still remains with the central body. in order words am lookin at a system of government that takes the economical stress from the central body down to the state and therefore allowing the central body to concentrate on foreign issues like increasing its reserves, maintaining its sovereignty with a unified army and only serve internally as a check body for the sub states.

Now with this the police, banks, finance, health, and other parastatals can be regulated by the state, but the military remains one and centralized.

1. Well having variety of languages,tribes and ethnic groups this will trully bring government closer to the people so that if a governor of a certain state is not functioning as it should then the people will react swiftly because the government house will be located in the state.

2. People will no longer have to blame the central body in Abuja. Nigeria will no longer depend on crude oil because regions without it will now look into what they have as resources and exploit it.

3. There will be some form of competition amongst states to want to develop and competition brings increase.

4. Every state will have a policy, laws that would fit the state and its people and laws can differ from state to state. in order words there will be not only be an existence of a national constitution but as well a states constitution.

5. We can see that the three arms of government cant check each other in Nigeria. But with this system i feell the masses will offer the best check on government because the masses make the government so if they don't feel comfortable  about a policy, all they do is take it to the government house and deal with it.

6. A state wont have to wait for the central body to produce electricity. they can now invite investors to come in and submit proposals for contract.

Example. State A is provided electricity from a company in finland. while states B's electricity is provided by a company in canada
the company in Finland offers a very efficient service then the state A will simply switch over and contract the company in Finland.
This is applicable to other sectors such as communication etc.

The main idea is to
1: Reduce the stress from the central body

2. Increase competition thereby increase efficiency

3. Bring the government to the people.

4. Eliminating laziness because lazy and sluggish governments will suffer

5. Do you know that every state in the United States of America is known for a unique product ranging from diary, pharmaceuticals, plastic,explosives, automobile, construction,textile, planes, farm produce etc.? With this every state relies on the other and democracy works there because the English language has stuck with them over 200 years so the issue of ethnicity is not is spelt out as in Nigeria. So why must we want to practice the same system? Please see what you can add to this plan to make it work because i believe this my idea is yet to be perfected.
Thank you

NOTE: I compared countries similar to Nigeria to bring up this idea. An every system of government practiced today is someones idea too.

please feel free to criticize but for the good of the system because that might just be what Nigeria need

Deedee Eneshah

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dats wat every one has been talkin abt

but u knw, the hausas will neva agree to it

-- osihen (m) at 2-02-2010 02:07AM
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oh boy dat na gramar dis na naija.notin dey work
-- Sheenor (m) at 3-02-2010 05:45PM
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bon government and face ur own wahala!

-- Solidstonez (f) at 13-06-2012 08:31PM
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 Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin

-- Beninn (m) at 30-07-2013 05:44PM
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I think Federal system of government will be the best system of government in Nigeria.