Buying From Street Hawkers In Kaduna State Is Now A Crime Punishable By Jail Term

Published On: May 25, 2016, 6:44 pm
Author: Mister Jay Wonder
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-- (m) at 25-05-2016 06:44PM

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A new law has been enacted in Kaduna state, making it a criminal offence to sell or buy on the street.

The disclosure was made by spokesman of Kaduna state House of Assembly, Nuhu Goro Shadalafiya.

Speaking to newsmen on Tuesday, May 24, Shadalafiya said, Governor Nasir El-Rufai should be credited for the new act passed last month.

On the anti-hawking law, he said: “We have also pass a bill into law to checkmate hawkers who deprive people from owning shops.”
Governor El Rufai has enacted some controversial laws in recent times such as the religious bill which set the Government against clerics.

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-- gogoman Online (m) at 25-05-2016 06:46PM
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-- zezprincess (f) at 25-05-2016 06:49PM
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Hmmm,I just dey observe this man comment for now.
-- mikedonng (m) at 25-05-2016 07:11PM
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thunder wey go fire person dey do press-up
-- Wazubia (m) at 25-05-2016 07:12PM
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Hawking is our tradition. But if it is in develop world,  it's good law. So credit to the Governor.
-- Donchijoz (m) at 25-05-2016 07:23PM
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even in Europe there is hawkers there. this man sef. well all na  change.
-- Machealex (m) at 25-05-2016 07:29PM
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Better but be ready to give job to those hawkers if not.
-- Anny01 (m) at 25-05-2016 07:53PM
(1700 | Gistmaniac)

Another way of generating Revenue but how many shop did he build to accommodate all the suya and watermelon sellers?
-- Mykie010 (m) at 25-05-2016 07:56PM
(6660 | Gistmaniac)

I no sure say APC wan still rule again after this one..for real.d way buhari and this him vice president dey do no get part two
-- CHRISETTE (f) at 25-05-2016 08:11PM
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Before nko na for their own good na they no what he did in abj before they voted for him enjoy his service and don't complain kaduna people
-- AmazingMarie (f) at 25-05-2016 08:27PM
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see law o. El Rufai wants to turn Kaduna to Washington DC. good one. but those people Hawking cannot afford expensive stores for their ware hence they are found Hawking.
-- Eazyatumeyi (m) at 25-05-2016 08:35PM
(14115 | Hero)

Hell Rufai is at work
-- schmit (f) at 25-05-2016 08:38PM
(11786 | Hero)

Gud, but aibeg  how many  jobs u don create ?
-- Sparky12 (m) at 25-05-2016 08:53PM
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Part of change
-- Novic (m) at 25-05-2016 08:57PM
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Hmmmm... this man law really they fear person.... kaduna people don enter one chance.
-- dickieponga (m) at 25-05-2016 09:02PM
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Quote from: Umeano Chijioke  link=topic=295868.msg4879640#msg4879640 date=1464200629
even in Europe there is hawkers there. this man sef. well all na  change.
But they are registered and they pay taxes unlike naija..
-- dickieponga (m) at 25-05-2016 09:04PM
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Good law cos e don eradicate criminals operating under the guise of selling something..
-- Sampsonking (m) at 25-05-2016 09:17PM
(1 | Newbie)

Why cant they banned almajiri from street begging??
-- dareper Online (m) at 25-05-2016 10:38PM
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This man dint know that all fingers are not equal
-- zoe61 (f) at 26-05-2016 12:33AM
(15136 | Hero)

nonsense is that what will solve the state problem?
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