OAP Freeze Comes Out To Defend Bovi, Despite Their Beef

3 years ago by: CLARA JANCITA
(f) at 13-01-2017 10:22AM (3 years ago)

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Despite their social media war, OAP Freeze has come out to defend comedian Bovi, after a woman took to his DM to blast him. He said he wouldn't condone any form of blackmail, despite the fact that they aren't best of friends. Read after the cut...

"Although it isn't news that @officialbovi and I aren't the best of friends, I will not condone any form of bullying or blackmail, emotional or in any other form whatsoever, directed at his person or towards any celebrity or entertainer. On the bottom left hand side is what my direct message looks like this morning and it's like this every morning, whether or not I clean it out the night before! The only person I was able to chat to this morning was my good friend and co member of the #FreeTheSheeple movement @callmiifexco. 
There are tons and tons of direct messages and 99+ from people who I don't know. 99+ can be more than 1000 but instagram only has the capacity to show 99. Let's even imagine that it's only 99 messages, only a jobless person can attend to 99 messages in one day! I missed a lucrative MC job on the 10th of January, because I opened the message on the 12th and this is small me, with only 63,000 followers. We can't even begin to imagine how Bovi, with nearly a million followers is coping. So before we jump on him and start crying blue murder let's walk a mile in his shoes...
Dear lady harassing Bovi, you need to understand that we are very very very very very very busy in this out mumu industry, and we have tons and tons and tons and tons and tons and tons of people to attend to every single day, so if it happens that you have too much time on your hands, and too many pent up emotions, try to engage in some vigorous sexual activity with your husband and you will feel a lot better... While you are at it, please stay out of Bovi's DM. ~FRZ"

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Again? Remember say basket mouth dey observe you closely Grin
akinmanchy (m) at 13-01-2017 11:59AM
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Dis Samsung freezer again?

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 Angry Angry Angry Angry
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This freezer again?
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bleached albino
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who ask am question, over sabi afin Cool

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Their cup of ogi...

Lyf na from phase to face..,,,...
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes