Totally Fake Evidence Against Apostle Johnson Suleman REVEALED.

Published 2 years ago by: Kenney K
at 13-03-2017 08:38AM (2 years ago)

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Today I was scrolling through my facebook page and I came across another news report regarding the Apostle Suleman and Ms Otobo  Scandal. 
While reading it I noticed another lady was mentioned, her name was Daniella Okeke.
I was not aware at the time that another lady was implicated as an alleged lover of the Preacher and so I quickly searched the lady on google to get more information about her involvement in the case.

It was at this moment I stumbled on the report by ” Sahara reporters “ saying unequivocally that The preacher apostle Suleman
bought a “Mercedes-Benz 450 GL For Nollywood Actress Daniella Okeke”.
I was curious and I read on to see the proof that supported the confident claim. It was at this moment I saw the vehicle allegedly
bought by the Preacher Suleman, with proof from the lagos state MVAA website stating the vehicle was registered to The Preacher  “Apostle Johnson Suleman”
With this irrefutable evidence I was distraught, I only Saw the preacher once, about a month ago when he visited Malaysia for a program, 
it was a 2 day program. I did not attend the first day, on that day however he mentioned my name and prophesied about a business
plan I hadn’t told anyone about yet.

When I heard about this later that night, I was amazed and I went for the program the following day and had a good time there. 
My personal impression of him was very positive.
So to see evidence that the lady Daniella okeke whom I must admit is very easy on the eyes was driving around in a car owned by
the Apostle, well that I could not ignore as just a rumour. 

Honestly I was distraught, the feeling that there was some hypocrisy in his teachings about marriage and family did not sit well with me. 
However I decided to confirm this evidence for myself, I wanted to come to terms with the truth that he actually is guilty of having some sort
of relationship with the lady Daniella Okeke.

So I proceeded to visit the Lagos state MVAA website to search the details of the vehicle and confirm it was
owned by the preacher, using the number provided by Sahara Reporters and republished by so many other news agencies and blogs “ MUS123EJ”.
It was at this moment I discovered the deception.

When I searched the website with the plate number provided, I noticed no name was given. However Sahara reporters gave the name
within the source Code of the web page. So I proceeded to open the source code of the webpage and I realized that the name “Apostle Johnson Suleman”
been the owner of the vehicle was entirely  a farce.

The preacher’s name is not mentioned as the owner of the vehicle like the Organization Sahara Reporter would lead you to believe.
In fact the website does not provide an owner for this vehicle.

The Image Below is the Post from Sahara Reporters.

The Proof From Sahara Reporters Below:

Now with  the evidence provided above, it is understandable to come to the conclusion that this story is true.
Also the reputation of Sahara reporters adds another level of credibility to the story.
However as you will see below and probable research on your own you will come to the same conclusion as i did.
Its a lie, a big lie.

This is the Source Code from the site after searching with the Plate number given by Sahara Reporters

Apostle Suleman is not mentioned as the owner of this vehicle anywhere. Now readers i am not asking you to just take my word on this.
I want you to look at the evidence i have presented and go to the website " " and run a search with the car number
" MUS123EJ " or take this direct link " " . To my html proficient readers you will notice the code provided by Sahara Reporters was edited, And even if you know nothing about Website Coding just search the Vehicle and Right click on the webpage on your browser and select "View Page Source" now do a manual search of the source for the Name Suleman or Johnson or Apostle.

Now this post is not meant to absolve the preacher of any wrong doing from his previous accusations. However, let us take into account that
a very "supposedly" trusted and reputable media agency like Sahara Reporters provided this false information in order to mislead the readers.

What else in this scandal is FALSE?

How can we in all honesty take further news publications on this issue from sahara reporters or other news agencies that republished this article as the truth?

Regardless of race, gender, religion or denomination. We as a people need to ask ourselves questions and come up with conclusions based on our research with the evidences provided.
The media is not incorruptible.