People Have Been Mistaking My Mother For My Gf - Son Of Youthful Mother Talks About His Fit Parent

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What's it like to have a youthful-looking mother? Xie Yixuan certainly has tales to tell. The 22-year-old man, from China, said people have been mistaking his mother, 49, for his girlfriend since he was 16 because his mother looks so young. Timid Mr Xie said once his girlfriend got so mad at him because she thought his mother was his other girlfriend. Scroll down for video ...................
Xie's mother, Liu Yelin, has been dubbed 'the world's most youthful mother' because of her super-toned body and wrinkle-free face.
The man, who works as a personal assistant at a film production company, said his mother is an icon and goddess of his life.
He told MailOnline: 'My mum has always been beautiful. When she was young, she was considered the prettiest girl at her school.
'I'd say as time goes by, she's even prettier now.' He described his mother, a retired librarian, as 'kind' but 'a little temperamental'. He said his mother rarely uses makeup, but is a big fan of sports. 'She swims and works out every day. Many people wouldn't believe that it's the secret to her great looks, but it's true,' the man added.

Xie works in Beijing, a five-hour journey by train from his hometown Xinyang, Henan Province. Nevertheless, he ensures he sees his mother at least once a month.
He said when he was little, he didn't think any differently of his mother.
'When I was young, she was just my mother. She was strict on me.'But after I started middle school, my classmates would talk about my mother because she looked young and pretty. 'Many of them thought she was my sister, but my friends would know she was my mother. '
He said:
'It's hard to describe how I felt at the time, perhaps a bit embarrassed and speechless. 'I tried to explain to her that she was my mother, but she wouldn't listen. Eventually, I had to yell at her: "She's my mother".' Speaking of his preferred type of women, Mr Xie said he likes 'pretty women with a good figure'. He explain: 'My family has a motto: men are responsible for making money and women are responsible for looking good.'
'I like women who have a western body type, who are buxom and have a sexy backside.'
He also prefers women who are kind, ambitious and good at housework.
Commenting on her son's love life, Ms Liu said she's happy for her son to choose whomever he likes.
'The most important thing is for him to be happy,' the mother said. 'My son is a very dependent man. Our relationship is like brother and sister, or friends.'

Although her looks might cause confusion, Ms Liu said her son has never had trouble finding a girlfriend.
'The fact that I look young shouldn't have anything to do with my son's love life. 'Who says a 50-year-old mother has to look old? Mothers shouldn't just live for their families, they have every right to pursue their own lives. 'I want to set an example.'

With glowing skin, a super-toned body and not a single wrinkle in sight, Liu Yanlin, who is also known by her screen name Ye Wen, has stunned millions of people with her incredibly youthful looks.
'People are often shocked to find out I'm almost 50,' she told MailOnline during a previous interview.
'Whenever I went shopping and told people my real age, I often got mobbed by strangers who wanted to find out my secrets.' 

Although the active mother has enviable olive skin and flawless complexion, she claimed that she rarely uses cosmetics.
Instead, Ms Liu, a fitness fanatic, attributes her youthful looks to the regular exercise she's kept to for three decades.
'I swim in the lake and do weight training every day,' she said. 'My favourite thing is swimming outdoors in winter.'

The mother has swum across the Yangtse River in China and the Han River in South Korea.
In March 2016, she swan across the Strait of Malacca in four hours after setting out from the shores of Penang, Malaysia.
Ms Liu said:
'I want to stay this beautiful when I'm 80 years old.' 'I share my stories because I want to encourage more women to keep up exercising for a more beautiful and confident self.'

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She try,,,,Nice shape,,,,
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She try well well
Must she dey half naked near her son?
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she make sense, i go fit manage her

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asians are just blessed with such youthful looks

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see mom and son wow
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Thatz nice


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