27yr Old Graduate Aderibigbe Oluwasegun Narrates Exclusively On How He Rob His Victim

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A 27-year-old graduate, Aderibigbe Oluwasegun, who was arrested by the Oyo State Police Command, has told of how he decided to rub on his benefactor’s eyes by using his familiarity with her house to burgle it and steal her valuables while she was away.
Oluwasegun also attributed his action to his desire to live as a ‘big boy’ while he also bowed to peer pressure by smoking marijuana and drinking Benylin with Codeine, a cough syrup used by drug addicts as a stimulant.
Diclosing this during a press briefing at the police headquarters In Ibadan, Oluwasegun who is usually called Segun, a shortened form of his name, said he could not comprehend what made him take an act against someone who offered him her house in Lagos for accommodation when he was on internship in the state and had no place to stay.
The state Commissioner of Police, Abiodun Odude had said during the press briefing that Segun took his friend, one Isah Rafiu (28), to the residence of a female victim in Lagos State in the night and stole her valuable property, including a Kia Sorenzo Sport Utility Vehicle, in which he loaded other items.
“To cover his track, the suspects vandalized a Close Circuit Television (CCTV) installed in the house and made away with the PVR decoder,” Odude said.
But nemesis caught up with Segun and Isah when operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the commander got credible information about the suspects and arrested them at Cele Adaba area of Apete community, Ibadan at about 7:00a.m., on July 29.
Recovered from them were the Kia SUV with registration number MUS 809 DA, a Dell laptop, a Samsung iPad,a Samsung S4 phone, an iTel phone, the PVR of a CCTV decoder, assorted gold jewelry, expensive perfumes and four pieces of Ankara fabric.
In an interview with Saturday Tribune, Segun had the following to say about his life and escapade: “I am a 2012 graduate of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State. I did my youth service in Delta State At the moment, I am unemployed. I live at Choba, Port Harcourt with my parents.”
How I met my victim
“I got to know my victim when I did my internship under her where she works. I was at 300-level then. Then I had nowhere I could stay in Lagos, so she allowed me to stay in her house. She has a family, but she stays alone with the driver and a house help. She should be in her late 50s or early 60s. She was like a mother to me; she treated me well when I was with her.”
What prompted me to rob her
“What I did has never happened before. It was all temptation. To be sincere, I don’t know what really made me commit the crime, but I just know that something pushed me into doing what I did.”
How I conceived the idea
“Due to the fact that I had lived with her, I knew what she was worth, and the valuables she had. At that time, I was broke; I had no money, and that was why I did what I did. It just came to my mind that I should come and rob her. I had no money and I was not working.
I used to take drugs, but I stopped.
“I took to drugs when I finished school. It was due to peer pressure. I have a relationship with my mum, but not that close to my father because he is always busy. My father is into oil business. I am the third child; I have two elder sisters, and two younger siblings. We are all five.
“I allowed peer pressure to take over me because I just wanted to live above my level.”

How I gained entry into the house
“She lives in an Estate, in Victoria Island. It is the Estate that has security, while the houses there don’t have much security, and because I had lived with her once, I knew how to find my way into the house
“The first day, when I wanted to enter through the gate, the security people asked me where I was going, and I spoke to them in a way that made them realize I was familiar with the estate and the house I was going. I went there that first day to check if she was around, but she was not, and the security people had seen my face, so coming the second time was not difficult to convince them. I didn’t see the driver as well.
“The second day, I also saw that there was nobody at home, and she doesn’t just leave the house like that, so I suspected she had travelled. If she was around, the housemaid would also be around; she too was not around. So I had the mindset that she was not around.
“I knew where the driver used to drop his room’s key, so when I got there, I found the key. After gaining entry into the driver’s room, I found the keys to all her vehicles there. I took the key to the last vehicle parked and found the key to the main house.
“When I entered the house, I went to her room and packed her heavy gold jewelleries and N50,000 that I saw. But there was no way I could come out with a bag, as the security people would suspect something was wrong, so I took the KIA key. It was on a Wednesday; I went with a friend and he was aware of the mission. We slept in the house till 5:30a.m.
“When I drove the KIA SUV out of the house, I was not challenged at the security gate of the Estate because there was an estate sticker on the car. After we left the house, we  came straight to Ibadan.”

How I disabled the CCTV
“I saw the CCTV and disabled it. She, however, didn’t have it when I was still there. I just disabled the decoder when I saw it. I used my knowledge as an engineer.”
How I was arrested
“When we got to Ibadan, we went to one hotel, and slept there. On Friday, I called a friend and he came to meet us in the hotel. He said we should come and stay in his house instead of staying in the hotel. He was not aware of what we did. He tried to know where we got what we brought, but we didn’t tell him.
“We moved to his house and slept in his house till the following morning, which was a Saturday. We were talking in his house early in the morning around 6:00a.m when the SARS operatives came in. What we stole was still intact except the money.”

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Na God Go Punish Una.Hopeless People!Nawaa O!
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Look at how he has ruined the future of genuine people that may need help from that lovely woman.
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Please Give Them Oduduwa.What Is This?Nawaa O!
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No Hopeless Generation!
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Ungrateful baboon, rot in jail.

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