Lady Calls Out Friend Who Assaulted Her, Stole Her Money And Gave Her Project Money To Her Boyfriend

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A Nigerian lady and Instagram user, @smallieee_, has taken to the platform to call out her friend Abdulwasiu Feyishayo Mariam, who stole her money after giving her boyfriend her project money, and still assaulted her when she found out.
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According to Smallieee who said she doesn’t do callouts on normal days, her friend claimed she has N15Million in her account, but still stole her money, Here’s what she wrote;
“Hi hi
I don’t do this on a normal day.
The day before yesterday this big thief @ewatomi_love entered my house. Picked up my ATM card nd withdrew 10k using POS!! I was shocked to my bones nd couldn’t believe what happened because she’s a big girl always lying about 15m. U have 15m in your account yet u stole my ATM card to withdraw my money. The bitch spent the money given to her for her project on her stupid brokeass boyfriend. She spent her project money on his birthday edakun. She now stole my ATM to replace the project money like wtf.
Then I went to confront her, hanty ewatomi was angry that I knew she was the one who stole the ATM, she gave me my 10k shaaaa. But after breaking my head nd my phone’s screen just imagine. She injured me ontop my money. My head got stitched yesterday. @ewatomi_love God would judge you, the reason why I din take legal actions was because she begged me nd she said she din want her parent to find out.
If not ehnnnnnnn, my boyfriend was ready. Nd if u ask me how she got my atm password. Yes I told her to help me withdraw sometimes ago nd now she betrayed me. Some people are real heartless tbh. me I don’t have 50k in my account m just managing. Oooo u that have 15m is now stealing from me. Aye ma nika ooo. I’ve learnt my lesson, I trust people way too much, I’d b thinking everyone has my kind of sweetheart but NO!! people are really mean! M still in pains oooo. B careful who u call your friends.”

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