Nigerian Man Living In Uk Charged To Court For Killing His Own Daughter

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Dr Chizoro Edohasim, a Nigerian father has been found guilty of crashing his car in a ‘reckless and suicidal’ manner, killing one of his daughters and injuring another in England.
Dr Chizoro Edohasim killed daughter Olivia, nine, by dangerous driving and left Eva, 11, with injuries.
He crashed his car into a wall at up to 59mph in a 30mph area while taking his daughters to a maths class last year.
He jumped a red light in Altrincham, Greater Manchester, then crashed into the wall while accelerating.
Olivia, who was in the back seat, died at the scene while her older sister, in the passenger seat, was taken to Manchester Children’s Hospital for emergency surgery.
Prosecutors at Minshull Street Crown Court described his driving as being ‘far short of what would be expected by a competent driver’.
Prosecutor Andrew Nuttall said: ‘In [expert] opinion, he drove applying full throttle to the Toyota demanding maximum power travelling at speeds of at least 59mph across the junction and at no time was the brake ever used.’
As CCTV of the incident was played in court, Edohasim wept and held his head in hands, saying: ‘Why did this happen to me? My family, my daughter. Where are you? I can’t take it. How did this happen to us?’
He tried to blame a mechanical failure for the crash, but vehicle inspectors said there was no evidence of failure in the brakes that would cause such a loss of control.
Witness Nicholas Gee, who was driving the road in the opposite direction a the time of the incident, told the court: ‘There was a car overtaking other vehicles in my lane coming towards me.
‘I realised that if I didn’t do something it was going to hit me. If I had not stopped there would have been a head-on collision.’
He added: ‘The driving was reckless and suicidal.’ The jury heard that Dr Edohasim, who also suffered serious injuries in the collision, told a police officer at the scene: ‘My brakes failed.’
The court was read a transcript of the defendant’s interviews with police in which he said: ‘I have been saving lives as a doctor all my life.. This is how the Devil gets me back.’
He told officers he applied the brakes twice. The first time ‘it felt like I was driving through water’, the court heard.
On the second occasion he said the vehicle ‘doubled in speed.’
‘I remember thinking, ‘God, is this how it ends?’,’ he said in the interviews. Dr Edohasim will be sentenced on January 26.

cypanyahucha at 14-12-2017 03:46PM (2 years ago)
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So so sad.
Wazubia at 14-12-2017 04:20PM (2 years ago)
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ruthie at 14-12-2017 05:19PM (2 years ago)
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the man is highly irresponsible...he should do jail time
Markeve at 14-12-2017 06:38PM (2 years ago)
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eyah is a pity rip little princess.
mjyabah2 at 15-12-2017 10:47PM (2 years ago)
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May God grant the family the strength to heal. Anybody can judge this man as he or she pleases, but, something has not been established here. Why would any right thinking mind believe that a medical doctor, a Nigerian from Igbo speaking area, living in England, would be suicidal to the degree of hurting his own child? Btw, he was taking his daughters to math class, perhaps, preparing them to follow his footsteps - medical doctors. It is not in the culture of Igbo people, Nigerians both home and abroad to endanger their children. A medical doctor for that matter,  a Nigerian that escaped the quota system back home, the backward governance back home, and made big in the medical field. What else does he lack? Please, they should judge him for reckless driving till the forensic analysis of the car's brainbox is done. There was no intent to cause the judge to think he was suicidal at all.
BournIdentity at 26-12-2017 06:41AM (2 years ago)
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Roll Eyes