Teenage Mum Lets Her Baby Starve Slowly To Death While She Went Out Partying With Friends For Weeks

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A teenage mum who left her baby starve to death while she went partying for a WEEK with friends has been jailed for six and a half years.
Little Egor was just skin and bone when his rotting body was found - but his eyes were still wide open in terror - a court in Russia heard as his mum , Viktoria Kuznetsova, was sentenced.
The court heard that Kuznetsova, 17, had planned to kill her nine-month-old baby boy when she started college.
The teen, from Rostov in northern Russia showed no emotion while her sentence was announced in court.
Kuznetsova waited until her husband left for military service before abandoning the child at home alone in a pram where he starved to death while she went partying.
She stayed in various student dorms for a week and only returned once to give water to the dog but ignored the wasting baby.
The judge ruled that the cause of death was dehydration and starvation.
"When the baby was found inside Viktoria's house he was already dead, though his eyes were still wide open from terror," the judge said.
"According to investigators the baby was literally skin and bones.
"An autopsy showed the baby's internal organs shut down one after another because of lack of food and water."

Neighbours became concerned when they hadn't seen either Kuznetsova or Egor and called police, news channel NTV said.
The child's remains were found in the home.
According to reports, Kuznetsova had told friends the baby was with her aunt.
She had even taken to social media to boast of hanging out with "Nastya" while her baby was dying.
She reportedly confessed to police and said she had tried to give the child to an orphanage when he was a month old - but he was later returned.

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Karma will FOLLOW HER all the days of her life and she will DWELL in HARDSHIP forever!!!
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Quote from: angesco on 30-01-2018 02:23PM
Karma will FOLLOW HER all the days of her life and she will DWELL in HARDSHIP forever!!!
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this one deserves a stiffer punishment
-- cypanyahucha (m) at 30-01-2018 03:15PM
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No value for live. She should be taught a lesson she'll not forget in a hurry
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They should take the baby from her she doesn't deserve to be a mother
-- arusmu (m) at 30-01-2018 06:47PM
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na wa oooo
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see her silly face

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some people get mind oo