Who Is Toke Makinwa? - John Boyega Slams Toke For Claiming He Kicked Her Out Of a Lagos Bar

Published On: April 4, 2018, 1:01 pm
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Remember when Toke Makinwa took to her Instagram in January to tell how she and her friend were humiliated at the Crossroads hangout in Lagos by a chaperon assigned to actor John Boyega? The story caused quite a storm, especially after Toke noted that only days before, she was embarrassed by same chaperon at Wizkid’s concert in December 2017. Boyega, who is currently in Lagos, has finally addressed the messy drama in an interview with Cool FM. According to the Star Wars actor, he wasn’t aware that such ever happened and he doesn’t know who Toke Makinwa. Plus, he also stressed that he didn’t have any bodyguard while in Lagos, as he was on vacation. Most importantly, he insisted he didn’t have anyone kicked out of a bar or restaurant.
Watch the interview below
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This woman is just humiliating herself unnecessarily
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Una wahala
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if you asking me Huh? she is thirsty.....she just needs to be open and tell Brother...mchweeeeeeeeeeee
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Attention seeker
-- fineboy77 (m) at 4-04-2018 02:51PM
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she got what she deserved

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attention seeker....
-- nature7888 (m) at 4-04-2018 04:29PM
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Hmmmm. Okay o. not my concern
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Hmmmmmmm una prb not mine
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this is what u get when u want cheap publicit and attention

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peckham son
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I ask myself same question. Anyways, Oya Toke, Twitter response in ...3, 2, 1 ...
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seeking cheap popularity,dat gal

-- fineboy77 (m) at 12-04-2018 09:10PM
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