ELECTION 2019! Pres. Aspirants, Fela Durotoye, Kingsley Moghalu & Yele Sowore Form Coalition(Photos)

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2019 presidential aspirants Fela Durotoye, Kingsley Moghalu and Yele Sowore have formed a coalition ahead of the elections.
The trio held a meeting on Tuesday, July 31, tagged Visionary Presidential Aspirants Coming Together (PACT).
Fela shared photos of the meeting on his Instagram, sharing the resolutions they decided upon.
They are building a united front, he shared, as “collaboration, not competition, will deliver a new Nigeria.”
He continued that there is presently no official representative of the coalition, and internal processes will produce a candidate.
He wrote:
Visionary Presidential Aspirants Coming Together (PACT)
Towards the 2019 General Elections. “Election As Revolution” being text of a communique issued after a consultative meeting of Presidential Aspirants on Tuesday 31st July 2018.
In the light of the foregoing and as a response to the collective yearnings and aspirations of our people; we have resolved as follows:
1: Recognising that at the core of our existential challenges as a people and nation is the failure of leadership
2: We affirm, that as the new face of visionary leadership for our country, we are collectively stepping into the fray, to fill the leadership vacuum, and offer leadership at this momentous juncture in our history;
3: We affirm that collectively, we are committed to the process of building a United Front to mobilize our people to lead the change we desire during the 2019 general elections;
4: We understand that Unity is a process, and not an event, and as such, we undertake to effect necessary steps towards consolidating on the process of building a united front based on shared vision and ideas;
5: Towards this end, we are in agreement that internal party processes towards producing eventual party candidates and flag bearers should be allowed to reach its logical conclusion;
6: Furthermore, we are committed to step up the process of building a united front once party candidates have emerged; and shall continually hold consultations among ourselves and broker conversations with our parties towards ensuring that we are able to present a United Front towards the 2019 general elections;
7: Finally, we know that the 2019 general elections will be a historically decisive one; we know that the conditions are ripening for an electoral process with outcome that can be revolutionarily transformative.
8: We embrace this process of the 2019 election as a revolution.

We represent the future of our country, a future which begins now; and we know it.
Also present at the meeting were conveners of the Our Mumu Don Do movement, Deji Adeyanju and Charly Boy.
See photos from the meeting:

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crocatum at 02:03 PM, 1/08/2018 (11 months ago)
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 Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy
crocatum at 02:05 PM, 1/08/2018 (11 months ago)
(4489 | Gistmaniac) (m)

i will return, i hope this is true, if Nigerians are ready, the youth should come together to break the power of the old politics.
crocatum at 02:18 PM, 1/08/2018 (11 months ago)
(4489 | Gistmaniac) (m)

The demographics of the country poses some challenges, and the discord within the people, there is a need for Yoruba and Igbo to work on common interests, there is a need to support the middle belt and to also find partners in the north with the Hausa also, Illiteracy and ignorance in the rural areas also poses challenges. Their political union and structure are thus weak, more awareness and support needs to be created.
crocatum at 02:38 PM, 1/08/2018 (11 months ago)
(4489 | Gistmaniac) (m)

Sowore has been brave, and I watched the manner, the people in office and power underrate him and mock him, furthermore I think we have to choose someone new, not the old political people doing the same things, which has to lead to the destruction of lives, poor economy,  we need a new person, who is brave to face challenges, who has worked hard, and can pave the way for a better generation.
This is a chance, I was disappointed with Ekiti, but who knows, maybe people can choose something different and would be brave to do the right thing because it is critical. We stand at the threshold, if we lose it, we lose it. But a little more gain would cause the good earthquakes, that would rumble the negative pillars around.
Mykie010 at 02:55 PM, 1/08/2018 (11 months ago)
(6620 | Gistmaniac) (m)

this is encouraging
slimber at 11:22 PM, 1/08/2018 (11 months ago)
(12071 | Hero) (f)

Okooo nice
Debby2018 at 07:55 PM, 4/08/2018 (11 months ago)
(157 | Upcoming) (f)

Let's watch and see

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