Reno Omokri Releases 15 Lies Of Buhari At Presidential Campaign Inauguration

Published 9 months ago by: CLARA JANCITA
at 12:22 PM, 8/01/2019 (9 months ago)

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A former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan has taken to social media to list out the lies President Buhari told at the Presidential campaign inauguration at the launch of All Progressives Congress, APC, campaign council.

“1. Buhari said he was unanimously nominated unopposed. That is a lie. There are several court cases, from multiple APC candidates, challenging and opposing his nomination because they were unconstitutional shut out of the process

“2. Buhari lied that he regained all territories, whereas our soldiers are falling, due to lack of weapons and ineptitude from the commanders that are appointed based on nepotism. Boko Haram are still capturing towns. Bags and 5 other towns in Borno

“3. Buhari said “corruption is no longer condoned and is no longer seen as normal for public office holders.” Big LIE. Buhari went to Paris and praised Gov. Ganduje, after he was caught on camera receiving bribes. He received Babachir at Aso Rock.”

“4-President Buhari said “Our economy has become a prudently managed enterprise. Our resources are now working for us”. LIES. We had our worst economic crisis ever under PMB. Foreign debt doubled from 11 trillion to 23 trillion. Naira devalued 100% .

“5. Buhari said “There is greater evidence of economic diversification seen in growing local production of agricultural produce”. LIES. Our economy is now LESS diversified. Contrary to APC lies, USDA says our rice imports increased by 60%. Google it

“6. Buhari Said “Our government has succeeded in the last 4 years in halting national drift” Lies. Ever since PMB said in USA that “those who gave me 5% cant expect to be treated like those who gave 97%”, we‘ve been more divided than anytime after civil war.”

“7. Buhari said “The macroeconomic health of our economy, indicated by measurable factors such as a stable exchange rate, lower inflation… has been applauded”. This is such an obvious lie from a pathological liar, I won’t even bother to debunk it.”

“8. Buhari said “In addition, the quality of elections since 2015 has continued to improve with declining levels of problems”. What a liar we have for a President. APC introduced the concept of “inconclusive elections” into our political lexicon

“9. Buhari said “In addition, the quality of elections since 2015 has continued to improve with declining levels of problems”. In Osun, the Police charged the PDP candidate for exam malpractice. 30k police cordoned the state and threatened Adeleke.

“10. Buhari said “the comparative difference between 2015 and 2019 on security, economy and corruption”. Another big LIE. According to Transparency International, Nigeria is more corrupt today than it was in 2015. Ganduje, Babachir, NNPC $25billion.

“11. Buhari said “We have reversed this downward slide that the PDP took us in its 16 years of misrule”. Big LIE. PDP made Nigeria the 3rd fastest growing economy in the world APC made Nigeria the world headquarters for extreme poverty.

“12. Buhari said “We have restored the territorial integrity of our nation, thanks to our gallant men and women of our armed forces.” As you read, Baga, Doron-Baga, Kross Kawwa, Bunduran, Kekeno and Kukawa towns are all under Boko Haram/ISWAP control.

“13. Buhari said “Agencies of government are no longer equivocal in dealing with anyone who flouts our laws.” LIE. EFCC has not charged Ganduje, Babachir, Aisha Buhari’s ADC, NNPC $25 billion contracts without due process. But charged Fayose.

“14. “Buhari said he reduced inflation. Why does the President do this to himself? At 76 (allegedly) he still tells such infantile lies. The inflation on May 29, 2015 was 8.9%. Today the inflation rate is 12%. Why would such an old man lie so blatantly

“15. Buhari criticises PDP for “abuse by those entrusted with leadership in Nigeria.” Under Buhari the entire 10 intelligence agencies Nigeria has are headed by Northerner. Not even 1 is headed by a Southerner. Is there a greater abuse?

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freethinker at 02:44 PM, 8/01/2019 (9 months ago)
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kingcalors at 03:55 PM, 8/01/2019 (9 months ago)
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Many Nigerians should stop behaving like people who are spiritually caged in a coven. Those supporting BUHARI and his cohorts don't see how bad Nigeria has become since 2015? Is it the ongoing killings by Fulani herdsmen or the increased attack of Northern states by boko haram?  So many companies are closing down. Hunger is on the increase. Buhari's wife indirectly confessed twice that his husband is unfit to rule Nigeria because he is not in control of the government. Now, Rotimi Amaechi whom the god's used, revealed to us the hidden truth. Why do Nigerian's want to allow another 'ABACHA' to rule Nigeria again? God is watching Nigeria. if we don't stop the evil some of us is about doing, God will surely punish those who are bent on voting in Buhari at all cost. "A ward is enough for the sick"
smart61 at 03:59 PM, 8/01/2019 (9 months ago)
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You know were Aso rock is located. Go there and kill him. In was way are you a truthful person yourself.? Some of what you wrote are without evidences. Maybe Buhari is a liar but you are not better.


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