The Woman Who Says Sahara Reporters Publisher, Sowore Can't Be Nigeria President, Gives The Reason

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-- (m) at 19-01-2019 01:52AM

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Nigerian woman who Says Sahara Reporters Publisher, Omoleye Sowore can not be Nigeria President has come out to revealed the reason why she said so.

She went ahead to slam Omoleye Sowore that he has no sense of humanity after abandoning the little girls he promised to help after been raped..

Watch the video below;

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-- Bebold Online (m) at 19-01-2019 03:43AM
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This woman and sowore are useless
-- Debby2018 (f) at 19-01-2019 04:39AM
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I guess Sowore is owing her something, maybe when he pays the bill she will keep that her mouth shut.

Lesson Note for Primary School Here
-- Knowman (m) at 19-01-2019 04:41AM
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Omoo I no fit fight this kind woman , she go tear you apart lol
-- jimmy926 (m) at 19-01-2019 06:34AM
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is that not politricians are known for?Huh??..move joor!
-- crocatum (m) at 19-01-2019 10:07AM
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Since they Brought his name Up, I support Omoyele Sowore of the AAC, and this man is one of the good Signs for Nigeria.
-- crocatum (m) at 19-01-2019 10:11AM
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There is something wrong with this woman.
-- crocatum (m) at 19-01-2019 10:19AM
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There is something wrong with this woman. They are just looking for a weakness of Sowore to exploit, so far they have not really found one.
-- palmeridus1 (m) at 19-01-2019 10:33AM
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That woman  is only aggressive  on a personal  issues  with  Sowore.she is angry   May be she wont to  use  that means  to start  NGO  and her dream does not  materialise
-- amazin95 (m) at 19-01-2019 11:44AM
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this woman is fake how do you know that sahara repoter have the raped clip, some people think everyone is fool  , u claim an NGO  an u can;t  do your proper investigation  before creating madness on net,  God  see everything.
-- Westmorow (m) at 19-01-2019 12:02PM
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So because say Sowore no carry the news now means say he's a bad guy?Yorubaaaaaaaaaa
Blessed memory Gbenga Adeboye don talk finish about Yoruba. See as we dey bige each other. Madam if you think say the guy no correct yo be our president then you want to support Buhari and Atiku?

Wooo waa jere ise owo e
-- john2omo (m) at 19-01-2019 03:02PM
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sorry  madam with your due respect soware did not need your permission to becomes president of Nigeria . your story look fake why now even if the story is true is no longer needed you keept it all this while  you are part of the crime because you did not speak out
In a city of blind one eye man  is a king  we are not saying soware is a messiah but for now is the best canditae for Nigerian  presidential election
Yoruba like you are betrayer we all know all this please Nigeria wake up American president  have his own  bad story  please stope this talk how much were you paid.
-- Haso112 Online (m) at 19-01-2019 03:26PM
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-- MorganR (m) at 19-01-2019 05:28PM
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Seems like a personal vendetta. I don't see the power she has to say Omoyele Sowore won't rule Nigeria. She could have used such power to stop any of the useless previous rulers from ruling the country. If Omoyele Sowore kept any tapes, then she should bring them out and if she doesn't have it, she should bring to light what it is about. Not all these noisy "aje" treats. I beg, go and sit down with your useless treats. So far, Omoyele Sowore is on a worthy cause. Not many Nigerians have the guts to demand that we "take it back" and confront the opposition. He may not rule Nigeria, but the ball has been set to "take it back" from those who are plundering Nigeria. Madam, please be more open and specific about your isolated case. Omoyele's Sowore's presidential campaign is not in the hands of one  woman somewhere in Lagos seeking public attention. Madam, please let Nigerians decide.
-- DMJazz (f) at 19-01-2019 06:04PM
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Awon iya oshoronga
-- fitticey (m) at 19-01-2019 07:55PM
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Oh my sister oh why now? why are you using transfer aggression on this matter? Even the Bible said it, If a man says he will marry you and later says No, the Bible says he did NON-WRONG I believe you know what am talking about, anyway that is that, talking about Omoyele Sowore political movement AAC, let me tell you this very clear as far as his a Nigerian he doesn't need any permission from anyone to run as a president of HIS COUNTRY. He has the right, his fit, strong, capable, educated, experienced, good ideals for the NEW NIGERIA. IF YOU DON'T KNOW, OMOYELE SOWORE IS THE ONLY SAVIOR TO NIGERIA FOR NOW. I believe you have been paid for what you are doing and you where paid very well. PLEASE SHUT YOUR SMELLING MOUTH AND GO AND REST. Again let me tell you, the most clever student in the world still fail some questions meaning if OMOYELE SOWORE failed to published your videos about what you are saying that doesn't mean he was part of the crime and it's not enough for you to come out and begin to shout like husband less woman and hopeless woman. LOOK IS YOU THINK OMOYELE SOWORE IS A FRAUD "LET HIM FRAUD ALL OF US" BECAUSE AMONG THE RUNNING CANDIDATE EVEN THE CURRENT RULING PARTY IS A MESS. ANYTHING LIKE APC OR PDP IS WHAT WE ALL DON'T WANT ANYMORE &THAT IS WHY I CHOOSE HIM, SO YOU CHOSE YOURS WHOM YOU THINK IS BETTER AMONG THEM AND VOTE FOR HIM/HER AND STOP SHOUTING LIKE GOAT. Since you swear with your life, may you receive that a you have vowed. And you said you send him the videos WHY DON'T YOU UPLOAD THE VIDEOS HERE IN THIS PLATFORM EVEN NOW.