Laura Ikeji Says She Hates Amara Kanu For Disrespecting Her Husband Without Apologizing

Published On: February 26, 2019, 2:26 pm
Author: Daniel Bosai
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Laura Ikeji is not done with Amara Kanu yet, she released a scathing post on her Sister-In-Law today explaining why she does not consider her a friend. She claimed that Amara Kanu disrespected her husband when she called him out on instagram for taking football tickets that belong to her kids, Laura felt disrespected by Amara's action and have blacklisted her sis then, however she feels the need to talk about her now because she needs attention and traffic to her online social handles where she works as an "influencer" to make money to feed her family, She also insinuated that she awaits an apology from Amara Kanu over that incident for them to be friends again. See her message below:

Hey guys,
So this is my beautiful sister in-law, heard she’s great, heard because we have never met but heard she’s cool. Hopefully we’ll meet soon and talk x hug this whole thing out.
We were quite cordial until she called my husband out on Instagram n never apologized. Since then we never spoke or exchanged messages, hence the “We re not friends statement.
Listen guys I’m not someone to ever bring negative light to the family, I’m a strong defender of family, u see how I love my siblings that’s how I’ve been with all my in-laws. I don’t want to be known as someone who would intentionally bring division among siblings cos I won’t want  that With my  brother or sisters.
My husband n his brother re quite close n I don’t want that to change for any reason Whatsoever.
I won’t want that to happen to me and Peks. Besides my in-law is an amazing man.
Pls enough of the hate, enough of the name calling, enough of supporting one family or the other, let’s stop the team A or B. In the end we will all sit at a table and eat as one big happy Kanu family.
All I said were from an angry place and I’m never someone to be angry or let a troll get to me. I shouldn’t have.
So hey let’s be a lil kinder and let love lead.
Will make the first move and put a call through. And Amara pls call ur bro inlaw hun, it's time for that talk.

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Na public matter or family matter? Roll Eyes
-- kacylee (f) at 26-02-2019 07:23PM
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Amara dont mind her we know her type

-- Marakelvs (f) at 26-02-2019 09:04PM
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Ds ikejis' are too loud, mouth keeps running like tap jezzz
-- negyy2010 (m) at 27-02-2019 08:56AM
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Quote from: Marakelvs on 26-02-2019 09:04PM
Ds ikejis' are too loud, mouth keeps running like tap jezzz
  marry ur own another person matter na headache
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Quote from: negyy2010 on 27-02-2019 08:56AM
  marry ur own another person matter na headache

sorry to disappoint u, am happily married with kids, firstly I never mocked her about her marriage, only said she's too loud, i.e not everytn that ought to be brought in public, please next time try to read and understand properly before commenting, secondly, " I am entitled to my opinion just like ur'e entitled to urs" so stay off my comment page. Am not in for any drama with u or anyone.