I Was Not Having Sex With Apostle Suleman, Stephanie Otobo Lied - Daniella Okeke Opens Up

1 year ago by: Daniel Bosai
-- Online (m) at 26-05-2019 06:24AM (1 year ago)

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Daniella Okeke finally calls out Stephanie Otobo who accused her of sleeping with Apostle Suleman after a year of the allegations. Here is her response:

"U bitch I don’t know who u re, u came to call my name out of no where?! And all of a sudden u disappeared ! Afterward u changed ur name? No way u ve to tell the world  the truth miss otobo! I ve kept quite 4 too long.. God will punish you where ever you are.. I woke up to social media like every one else on dat day, wen u called my name on the internet! the way u called my name, better go and uncall it.. or else... the next 24ths won’t be funny.. #daniellaokeke" - #regrann

Stephanie in her interviews that year, alleged that Daniella was one of the girlfriends of the clergyman. .
Now Daniella is demanding that Stephanie comes out to say the truth.

-- Baye77 Online (m) at 26-05-2019 06:50AM
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Madam...u just wake up from sleep after one year I guess...
-- Noah147 (m) at 26-05-2019 07:09AM
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You were just sucking him we get it.now go back to where you came out from.
-- Doyourworst (m) at 26-05-2019 07:30AM
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But why Now?.....
-- godnows (f) at 26-05-2019 09:16AM
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May be she did not get enough money from them now she is coming out after one to say trash. Destiny killers
-- smart61 Online (m) at 26-05-2019 09:51AM
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Let sleeping dogs lie. How come you decided it is now your turn to make noise when the world already forgot about the incidents. You don't look normal at all.
-- ignis99 (m) at 26-05-2019 10:01AM
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I thought you said your lawyers asked you not to talk but sue her ...hmm don't worry we understand the loopholes are blocked now you can rant.