Ned Nwoko Allegedly Sponsored Chika Ike’s Travels, Purchases, Leaked Pics With Regina Daniels

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Billionaire lawyer Ned Nwoko is said to have sponsored actress Chika Ike ‘s luxury lifestyles, travels, purchases and TV show.

According to an Instagram blogger, Ned Nwoko spent lavishly on Chika Ike before he married Regina Daniels.

Ned Nwoko is said to have needed popularity for his political ambition and needed the actresses to help out.

Chika Ike who he was spending lavishly on was supposed to help him gain popularity but failed because she kept him a secret and refused to make him public.

The politician reported switched to Regina Daniels for his popularity quest. Regina and her mother planned to also keep him a secret and eat his money until Ned Nwoko hired a photographer to take pictures of them and share with bloggers.

The Instagram blogger, gistmerchant wrote;

Do you know that it was Ned that was sponsoring Chika through all those her trips, purchases, tv show? He has a political ambition and needs to gain popularity but hooking up with chika hoping to gain popularity failed as Chika wasn’t ready to show him to the public. Now he linked himself with Regina who wanted to also hide him but he refused and planted his camera people everywhere making sure their pictures were leaked and sent to the blog creating a media frenzy. Regina and her mum planned to chop and clean mouth.

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firstaustin (m) at 2-06-2019 04:30AM
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Chika too smart
proly (f) at 2-06-2019 04:35AM
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james987 (m) at 2-06-2019 06:12AM
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Oya make em sponsor Regina go havard as em do for chika Ike.... Them say em buy car for Annie idibia Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
kennynaija (m) at 2-06-2019 11:33AM
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kacylee (f) at 2-06-2019 03:04PM
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Regina beat her to the game

horizontal (f) at 2-06-2019 07:22PM
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Quote from: kacylee on  2-06-2019 03:04PM
Regina beat her to the game
Nope ..Regina she is still so young for this kinds of games ..she isnt smart at all...
osarobo62 (m) at 3-06-2019 04:39PM
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A fool and his money are soon parted.