Lady Calls Out Man Who Got Her Pregnant & Abandoned Her After She Failed To Abort It

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A Nigerian lady identified as Atairu Babyshera Queency on Facebook has taken to the platform to call out a man who got her pregnant in 2012 and abandoned her because she refused to abort their child.

According to the mother of one, the father of her daughter who she addressed as Misturah Apampa has not spent a dime on the daughter since the child was born in 2013. She wrote;

I need to rant a bit. It took me a longtime to do this but I will use this platform to say my mind. Please nobody should come here and judge me if you don’t have a good word to say just waka pass

In 2010 I met this Man (Mr Kadiri Apampa) then he was a loving and caring man, so I thought whilst dating I got pregnant that was in late 2012, when I told him about this he changed suddenly and said I should get rid of the pregnancy. I couldn’t do it how can i? With the support of my parents, even though it was a difficult decision i continue with the pregnancy.During the 9 months period I saw him briefly his words were “you this girl you did not get rid of the pregnancy.”

I also received some calls from the so called family members abusing me and telling me to get rid of the pregnancy. I turned a deaf ear and I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in October 2013 -Misturah Apampa. It was a difficulty moment for me.

I tried so many times to have him in our lives all prove abortive, he never show concern. He has grown up children he mentioned their names when we were together Toun Apampa, Yemisi Apampa, Tope Apampa, Segun Apampa , Kemi Apampa. He showed me all their pictures None of them contacted me.

( thats if they even know about my daughter). I called him last month to please assist me with my daughters school fees all he could tell me was that OMO YEN TI NEED ABURO ( The girl needs a sibling) IMAGINE. I lost my mother to all this problem May her Soul R.I.P. At the end of our conversation last week he said I should look after my child by my self. This man has not spend any kobo on the girl since she was born and she’s going to be 6 (Six) this year.

Mr Kadiri Apampa I pray to God to spare your life for you to see the wonders God will do in My daughters life. I know God will not forsake me if you have .

You took advantage of my tender age and I am here dealing with my self. God will judge us all.

N.B he’s divorced and promise me heaven and earth Some Men hmmmmm..........

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you need child support okwa ya,,possibly during the time you are flocking with the father of your child,,one innocent young man was by the side begging you to have patience with him that things will turn around for good for both of you but you said no  ooo... you hit gold mine then,,, my dear whatever a man sows that he will reap.
-- Doyourworst (m) at 20-06-2019 07:34PM
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Some ladies do try to play fast games, without knowing that they are dealing with a Coach!. you choose to get pregnant without his approval, so it's entirely your problem. Deal with it. Nonsense.
-- jimmychoo (m) at 21-06-2019 02:16AM
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when you keep unwanted pregnancy you will definitely give birth to unwanted whos  fault? why will you choose  to even want to be  with used  husband at  your tender age? did any prophet  told  you that you wont be able to see a single guy in your  life? you dating   older  man because  he  knows  how  to take  care of  little  babe , you forgot  he is  a  father  and he has been taking  care of his  children, so taking care of your needs  is not new to him, that is  why you believe  he loves  you by taking care of you and you want to become Mario. My sister  can you allow  a poor  man impregnate you?  can you date a poor  married  grown up man?
-- Baye77 Online (m) at 21-06-2019 11:09AM
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You met a divorced man u fell in love with..I won't blame u or judge u...unfortunately he never felt thesame way..may God help u nd ur baby