This Photo Is Not Islamic - Imam Criticises Woman Who Went To Swim With Hijab

Published 6 months ago by: Daniel Bosai
at 22-08-2019 08:12AM (6 months ago)

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A muslim imam has criticised a woman that went into a public swimming poll covered head to toe in muslim coverings, saying that such women have been brainwashed and the entire doctrine is not a "normal behavior" - You can read his brief message below:

This is not normal behaviour. This is the result of many years of brainwashing and being convinced that her entire body is 100% honeypot— because that’s how they see her. My heart breaks for her, and for her daughter who by the age of 9 will live the same way. Very very sad.

favourita at 22-08-2019 09:23AM (6 months ago)
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Baye77 at 22-08-2019 09:56AM (6 months ago)
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How do u know what her daughter will become??do u see the future???
WhenYouThinkAboutIt at 22-08-2019 10:55AM (6 months ago)
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