VIDEO: Groom Cancels Wedding En-route Church But Pastor Forces Him To Marry Woman

8 months ago by: Daniel Bosai
(m) at 11-09-2019 03:34PM (8 months ago)

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There was a very big drama over the past weekend when a man simple identified as "Joe" cancelled his church wedding on discovering that his wife was having an affair with a big politician. The lady's natural reaction was rolling on the floor, begging the groom not to dump her in the final minutes. The drama persisted for a while after which the pastor seems to have convinced the groom to go ahead with the wedding stating that the devil was trying to sow a seed of confusion between the couples! I personally do not see the reason why a clergy man should influence a man's decision in such a manner, especially when the man has changed his mind about not wanting the wedding. We have full footage from the entire incident, you can watch them below:

Here is Joe refusing to go ahead with the wedding:

Here is the wedding taking place after the pastor convinced the groom to go ahead with it:

fineboy77 (m) at 11-09-2019 04:06PM
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Girls always wants to eat their cake and have it

victorstic1 (m) at 11-09-2019 04:48PM
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by force marriage
Noah147 (m) at 11-09-2019 07:43PM
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This marriage is doomed right from the get go.