Tiwa Savage Edited The Video - Female OAP blasts Tiwa Savage For Putting Out Video

Date: 11-10-2019 6:52 pm (1 year ago) | Author: Daniel Bosai
- at 11-10-2019 06:52 PM (1 year ago)

It would appear that Tiwa Savage hastily put out the video of some OAP having conversation about her not being able to write her own songs (Ironic since Tiwa Savage writes for international artists). - Well, one of the OAP, Bella Rose has come out in defence of her colleagues, here is what she has to say about the video:

If there's anyone who supports and literally fights for women, it's Melody.

Some facts.
Ceeza Milli had just been interviewed by Melody and he claimed that he wrote songs for Tiwa Savage. Surprise surprise. How is it that not many know that Ceeza Milli wrote songs for her? Eish. The conversation ensued. Melody, the only OAP in the video wondered, if people found out that Yemi Alade hits were either written by Selebobo or not by her at all, (as she is one who gets criticized heavily for even the littlest things), "won ma bu pa!" (They'll insult her!) Jess (far right) says something and Dami (middle) reports the statement to Melody to which Melody responds, "she (Jess) is a fool!" Tiwa edited that video to make it look like Melody set out to insult her and Yemi Alade and that's actually misleading.

That faux "woMeN doNt SuPpoRt woMeN" bait or caption is razz and untrue.

That she posted a picture of her with Melody on her stories earlier in the day and then put out the video making it look like it happened after her interview is dishonest and a blatant lie.

That she (or whoever sent her the video) removed the part where Ceeza Milli told Melody he wrote hits for Tiwa Savage is an intentional attempt at sensationalism. Lord have mercy.

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- Fedchara at 11-10-2019 08:30 PM (1 year ago)
Una no get sense, you thrash scum call yourselves OAP, and yet you do not know that song writing and buying is not a crime, that even international artists do it, you dont know that even some artists buying others lyrics also write and sell songs to other. You could not even be objective but were throwing insults, if i was you employer, i would fire you lot. Tiwa, Simi, Yemi etc are great singers, hard workers with international fame and good monies, DID ANY OF YOU SCUM EVEN RECOGNIZE AND SALUTE THEIR TALENTS AS SINGERS, No, your only talent is cheal gossip, jealousy and envy and you call yourself OAP, go and ask David O, Whiz kid or Kizz daniel if they have never stolen lyrics oir even beats from others, their own artists or producers, without recognizing them or paying them, but it doesnt mean they are not good artists, you bi*ches
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- dopygenius at 12-10-2019 05:31 AM (1 year ago)
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