Pretty Lady Dies After Being Poisoned By Her Jealous Best Friend For Receiving A Promotion

9 months ago by: Mister Jay Wonder
-- (m) at 20-10-2019 09:28AM

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This is a warning to choose your friends wisely – because ontop of all the things in the world which can kill us, we now apparently have to add jealous best friends to the list.

A Congolese woman has tragically died due to jealousy from a friend, over the simple matter of a job promotion.

According to reports, the lady was poisoned, allegedly, by her own best friend.

The two were up for a promotion at work and the lady won. Unhappy, her friend decided to ‘take her out’.

She reportedly poisoned a meal, gave it to the friend to eat and consequently, she died soon after eating it.

She’s been arrested for murder but denies the charge.

Meanwhile, the deceased has been buried. A beautiful life cut short in her prime by the evil of jealousy.

May she rest in peace.

Check photos of her below…

-- Doyourworst (m) at 20-10-2019 12:47PM
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Evil woman!....May her spirit never Rest until she haunts you down. Idiot.
-- maxzy277 Online (m) at 20-10-2019 02:14PM
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May God saves us from friends with evil minds. May she receive the consequences soon..... May the soul of the dead one rest in peace
-- Psalmbes (m) at 20-10-2019 03:16PM
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Eheeeeen!!! things dey happen! R.I.P
-- Baye77 Online (m) at 20-10-2019 06:16PM
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Ofcourse!Jealousy is a great evil!
What a life cut short by the evil of fellow man!
-- proly (f) at 20-10-2019 11:12PM
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So sad rup
-- scottchris (m) at 21-10-2019 10:17AM
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Wicked world

-- horizontal (f) at 21-10-2019 11:25AM
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Lol I  always believe Eat you inside of you ..OMG very scary..