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Date: 27-07-2010 4:49 am (13 years ago) | Author: teejay
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- Kennee at 28-07-2010 07:12 PM (13 years ago)
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My lady boss walk into my cubicle morning and place a gift parcel on my table. Today being my twenty eight (28)birthday. Inside the parcel are three pack of condoms and a red colour G- string undee. She placed one pack on top of the g- string, one inside and one at the back. on each pack she wrote one evening, one mid night and one early morning. what does this mean. she is married with kids and she held the key to my job

u be small pikin?!  bout wot does this mean.
Dude, u know clearly well wot it means.

U shd totally blackmail this woman lol set her up or smthn.
Record her saying the nasty to u Grin Grin or film it if u can sef
Then demand loads of money from her, then come gimme my share Grin Grin

Tell her ur a xtian and u can't do such a thing. Plus ur saving it till ur wedding night.  Wink

Chei!! Umbrella  Shocked Shocked

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