"Don’t Expect A Better Nigeria In Next Four Years, PDP Destroyed The Country"- Lai Muhammed

6 months ago by: Adegbenga Ayinla
-- (m) at 27-01-2020 02:46PM

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Just like president Buhari have said a while back that we should not expect a better Nigeria in the next 4 years
Now the  Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed has said the same thing earlier today in an interview
In His Word He said
"Don’t expect a better Nigeria in next four years, PDP destroyed the country"
Just before they took the mantle of leadership from PDP they made alot of promises we are yet to see any of the promises materialized
 not even the CHANGE they promise have been seen, Now at the NEXT LEVEL the story is no longer the same. Which way Nigeria?

-- kent209 (m) at 27-01-2020 03:19PM
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evil men , this old fool should be given to lions to feed on , nigeria was better before u animals and blood suckers came in , dont worry very soon judgment will be passed on u and ur cabals
-- manager1603 (m) at 27-01-2020 03:51PM
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-- dareper Online (m) at 27-01-2020 04:35PM
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Una see am, he  don change wetin im talk yesterday with buhari say.....them go make 1naira to 1 dollar.  And also them go make Nigeria paradise of heaven on Earth.
-- Osahenogae1 (m) at 27-01-2020 04:37PM
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This Liar Mohammed can lie! old man wey dey [email protected]
-- Kormeijama (m) at 27-01-2020 06:23PM
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That's the expected result of Buhari's cheery picked  leadership- blame everybody but  himself and his awful policies. How could you lead a nation for two consecutive  terms and continue to blame your predecessors. A two term presidency  with nothing to show is  nothing less than utter failure. All i've  heard  about Buhari's 'successes' is  the  EFCC maggot- going after  Buhari's  enemies. I thought Nigerians  knew  something was wrong with  Goodluck, and they opted for  a change- a change that came to you with relative ease. They also blindly  assigned you another  term thinking that you should be given  enough  time and space to   actualise your vision. Unfortunately , due to   inept polices  and  strategies, you've woefully failed in almost every sphere of your  leadership. So  for you and your  sheepish lieutenant to  go on blaming yester years administration for all your   predicted failures is not  only a sham, but  horribly insulting to the people  who  gave you the mandate. What a sham Lai .
-- kima77same (m) at 27-01-2020 07:20PM
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-- dozieson (m) at 31-01-2020 11:36PM
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Oga, if you no, no wetin you go talk make you keep quiet. Stop accusing the PDP led government, because they are 100 times better than this present government. As you will also agree with me, the present APC led government is the worst government to appear in Nigeria and without doubt the worst in Africa. The skeleton of the late President, Mogabe will lead us better than the your lie, lie government.