Pastor Oyakhilome Talks About 5G Network & Covid-19 That Puts The World Into Confusion (Video)

Published On: April 4, 2020, 8:25 pm (7 months ago)
Author: Mister Jay Wonder
bohlah (m)

In this video, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome explains how the recently launched 5G network is linked to the coronavirus pandemic currently ravaging the world.

There have been such a large number of contort to the issue of Coronavirus comprehensively, while some trusts it exuded from a science research facility, others have censured it in totality.

While the countries strives to stop the passing of a huge number of individuals over the world, different pioneers have kept on imparting their insights also.

COVID19 isn’t the principal pandemic in the world. Be that as it may, this took the world by a shock with the manner in which it executes and continues spreading from mainlands to another.

The world is on a lockdown, as many countries have asked their citizens to stay indoors, in other to be able to contain the spread.

While this efforts are ongoing, a Nigerian pastor, Chris Oyakilome has shared another view to the reasons the pandemic was created.

According to the revered pastor and the General Overseer of Believers love world, he was captured in a video while preaching to his large congregations that the pandemic was created in order to popularize the 5G network, which is gradually gaining attention across the world.

5G network has advance Artificial intelligence (AI), that can solve nearly all the human problems, which is a major breakthrough for science, technology and medicine.

Chris, opined that, to make the world recognize this new technology, the creator has to send fear into the world, and therefore be able to make everyone to embrace it as the possible way out for their problems.

A prominent Nigerian politician, Prince Adelaja Adeoye, shared the video on his Twitter handle @AdelajaAdeoye with the caption below, “Well he may not be totally right, we all know from the beginning that COVID19 is a man made disease. Please watch what Chris Oyakilome has to say.

Watch Below:

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Posted: (7 months ago) on 4-04-2020 08:25 PM | Addicted Hero
In God name how can a pastor say this things ,lord have mercy
Posted: (7 months ago) on 4-04-2020 08:56 PM | Gistmaniac
deelo deelo (m)
I agree with you..This is sad coming from a man of his caliber.

Quote from: crusita on  4-04-2020 08:56 PM
In God name how can a pastor say this things ,lord have mercy
Posted: (7 months ago) on 4-04-2020 10:02 PM | Newbie
May God have mercy on us
Posted: (7 months ago) on 5-04-2020 06:57 AM | Hero
That is the latest research, he is saying the truth
Posted: (7 months ago) on 5-04-2020 08:35 AM | Newbie
Problems without a solution. In God we all trust
Posted: (7 months ago) on 5-04-2020 09:39 AM | Gistmaniac
His saying the trust. .
Posted: (7 months ago) on 5-04-2020 09:45 AM | Newbie
Only foolish people will listen to this foolish stupid man. He is now a IT expert or Science expert. I guess he is bored now cos all churches are closed. This stupid man is trying for another career as a lecturer. Find something to do ok and stop spreading fake news.

Posted: (7 months ago) on 5-04-2020 11:18 AM | Upcoming
No sundag money again ,All of them will be hurt .
Posted: (7 months ago) on 5-04-2020 01:00 PM | Gistmaniac
This man must be deranged to be propagating this kind of stupid and wrong information. This kind of "So-Called Man of God".
Posted: (7 months ago) on 5-04-2020 10:25 PM | Newbie
Nigerians don't need fraudsters to teach them what they already knew. Churches should give money back to the people.
Posted: (7 months ago) on 6-04-2020 12:43 PM | Gistmaniac