"It Is A Great Sacrifice For God If Any Of Parishioners Die Of Covid-19" - Pastor, Tony Spell

1 month ago by: CLARA JANCITA
(f) at 8-04-2020 02:47PM (1 month ago)

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Tebernacle Leader in Baton Rouge, Pastor Tony Spell says that if any of his member die of convid-19 virus that it will be a great sacrifice for God and his freedom

 He Futher to say that  true Christians do not mind dying from COVID-19. He insists that what they fear instead is living in fear. As he puts it, "People that can prefer tyranny over freedom do not deserve freedom."

He's also not flinching at medical experts suggesting most of the nation will eventually contract the virus, even if only mildly. Spell's reaction is, "Let's get on with life."

As you've probably heard ... Spell's been defiant of Louisiana's shelter-at-home order. He opened his church last week for Palm Sunday where over 1,000 members attended. He had previously been arrested and charged for violating the state mandate.