COVID-19: UNILAG Becomes First African University To Own Profiling Robots

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The University of Lagos, UNILAG has acquired profiling Robots capable of detecting Covid-19 and for the purpose of enhancing studies.

This was disclosed by the university management via their Twitter handle on Monday, June 29.

It tweeted,
“Today, UnilagNigeria received a donation of some cloud-based intelligent humanoid robots, CRZR from @ThePlatformCap. While donating the the robots to the university, the chairman @ThePlatformCap Dr. Akintoye Akindele stated that the donation of the robots was made in order to improve the learning experience in the university as a whole.”

Although the university did not reveal the robots are for Covid-19 profiling purposes, the humanoid robots are known to have such abilities.

They can Be Programmed to Identify Unwanted Items and check body temperature.

The robots are Interactive and can lead or direct someone.

Profiling robots can also be used for detection of security threats and possession of dangerous items by anybody on campus.

If effective, other universities may follow suit in acquiring the robots to help profile and detect Covid-19 positive persons by running checks on body temperature.

Worthy of mention is the fact that this is reportedly the first of its kind among universities in Africa.
Checkout more photos and video from the tweet as shared by UNILAG on Twitter below:

#Today #UnilagNigeria received a donation of some cloud-based intelligent humanoid robots, CRZR, from @ThePlatformCap

— University of Lagos (@UnilagNigeria) June 29, 2020

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This nation has got bigger problems than it can handle .Why there are millions of jobless Nigerians that can be trained to do better than robot which relied its operation on the OS installed in it .I can’t fathom how we are going to solve our problems when we are leaping stages of development .If we take altogether western innovations and development from our society ,I’m sure this nation will be striped to a skeletal.We have nothing to boast of in terms of home made technology for social development and social amenities.Seriously ,For this nation to be self sustainable and a manufacturing hub in Africa ,we have got to start reducing our consumption dependence on foreign markets and goods . No nation can succeed on the path we trending,.