VIDEO: Police Manhandling Citizens For Protesting Against Electricity Tariff Increase in Abuja

Published On: September 15, 2020, 4:56 pm
Author: kacy lee
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Some aggrieved Nigerian youths took to the streets of Abuja to protest the hike in electricity tariff in the country.

The youths who staged a peaceful protest were accosted by some of the Nigerian Police Force, and in the process of altercation a man fell victim of Police anger

In the video the man was seen being slapped kicked and manhandled by some gang of uniformed policemen. This video has generated a lot of backlash on the NPF as well as the current administration.

Watch the video below:

-- Noah147 (m) at 15-09-2020 08:33PM
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Nigerians need to be carrying around something now to defend them self's against these animals call police i swear.'
-- fineboy77 Online (m) at 15-09-2020 09:51PM
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They say that the youths are the problem we have in Nigeria,that they are lazy and they watch BBN,hmm,SMH...... but our fathers have bought and stacked bags of live ammunition to kill us if and when we talk....,so who exactly is the problem?