"My Period Is Messing Me Up Mentally, Physically" - Ifu Ennada Rants About Her Painful Period

Date: 16-09-2020 9:08 am (9 months ago) | Author: success Xenab
- at 16-09-2020 09:08 AM (9 months ago)

This is a topic most people shy away from discussing but the reality on ground is something else.

Ex-reality tv star, Ifu Ennada has cried out over period hormones. The entrepreneur took to her social media page, via Instagram where she disclosed that her period is messing with her and that she can barely focus on work. She spoke about how she can’t wait to have children so she can stop getting her period.

In the end, she added that we all are products of missed periods.

In her words “I’m so phyuked up right now. I have an overwhelming feeling to cry because my period is physically and emotionally. 3 changes in less than 5 hours, they don’t know even make these things last anymore WFT? 3:52 am .. I can’t focus on my work because of this thing.

I wish I could exist and have children without these periods. It’s so much harder to be a woman than it is to be a man. Before you come at me with keep your periods private, don’t forget your mother did’nt spare the world of your ignorant existence. yes, I”ll talk about periods, everybody is a product of missed periods. I’m so phyuking angry right now, looking for what to punch. I can’t even articulate my thoughts. I’m tried…”

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- dopygenius at 16-09-2020 10:20 AM (9 months ago)
Abeg make una borrow some shame if yours is finished,if u have any problem with your mensuration,why not go visit a doctor instead of saying something that should be meant private to the public... honestly you are so disgusting
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- nikiniki at 16-09-2020 02:53 PM (9 months ago)
Online (f)
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- 306010214 at 17-09-2020 03:27 AM (9 months ago)
Contact the doctor soon and God for prayers.I understand the way you feel.
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