"Why I Can't Play Some Romantic Roles In Movies" - Nigerian Actress, Uche Nnanna-Maduka

Date: 27-09-2020 10:28 am (7 months ago) | Author: Mister Jay Wonder
- at 27-09-2020 10:28 AM (7 months ago)

The actress who is also a mother of two made her point of view known in an encounter with Sunday Scoop.

Actress Uche Nnanna-Maduka has said she has a limit when it comes to the kind of roles she can play in movies.

The mother of two made this known in an encounter with Sunday Scoop.

She said, “There are many roles I can’t play. I can’t go naked or be involved in ‘deep’ romance in a movie. Even before I got married, I rejected many roles. I know where I am coming from and where I’m going to. I’m not claiming to be a saint but such roles are not right for who I am.”

Sharing some lessons marriage has taught her, Nnanna-Maduka said, “In my six years of marriage, I have learnt to be patient and also know that it’s not all about me. I have to consider my partner and children in everything I do.”

On the changes she would like to see in Nollywood, the actress said, “The government needs to partner with us and not just watch us make movies with our hard-earned money. Also, our stories need to be better with clearer sounds. Beyond Nollywood, there are changes I would also love to see in Nigeria. Whatever affects Nigeria, affects Nollywood. Imagine going to people’s houses to shoot movies and power supply isn’t available. If power supply is constant, our sounds would be clearer and more refined.”

The ‘Point of Intimacy’ actress also noted that her family was her priority.

“Because of my family, I have had to put my career on hold. Right now, I give 70 per cent attention to my family and 30 per cent to my career. My family is my number one priority,” she added.

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- gogoman at 27-09-2020 02:08 PM (7 months ago)
shut up jor!! all u fake ass Naija actress.. if u do am, does that make u less of a good wife  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
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- dopygenius at 27-09-2020 04:42 PM (7 months ago)
Who cares bitch?
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- Crazyy3 at 19-04-2021 01:00 PM (3 weeks ago)
Wow, this is how she exploded LOL Grin Grin And what else did she want from the authorities in relation to Nollywood, if they really allow the electricity to turn off in the middle of the shooting process? Of course, the films will be stupid and low-quality, if the actors cannot even normally, sometimes, record one take. I watched her movies on 123movies. I wasn't very impressed with it  Roll Eyes, but she really shouldn't play romantic roles. If she decided to put the interests of her family first, then I understand why her husband might be against his wife playing in a romantic movie with some other male partner. That's logical for their notions of love and loyalty, don't you think?
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