How I Made $1180 On Fiverr Within A Month During My NYSC.

Date: 03-10-2020 11:19 am (3 months ago) | Author: Olayinka Olawale
- at 3-10-2020 11:19 AM (3 months ago)
Something amazing happened to me recently that I guess you would be thrilled to know.

But before I begin to open up the story I like to establish that there are numerous opportunities online to earn loud money...

.. even if you've never believed or you're probably in the gang of those who yells everything as 'SCAM'.

Imagine if you could figure out a way to never go broke again.

You wake up in the morning from the bed, pick up your phone, and you receive 3 Fiverr messages with these words.

"Congratulations you've just received an order from (client's name)".

And the amazing part is that each of these orders cost $20

That means you earn a sum of $60 within 24 hours.

How would you feel?

What if you consistently earn this at least 5 days a week.

That's a total sum of $300 per week. Isn't it?

Convert it to Naira and tell me the lump total

Now imagine if this task would only take one to two hours of your time and you have the rest of the day…

… to watch your favorite season movie or play your favorite game.

Isn't that extremely amazing?

Yes, it really is.

And that's exactly what happened to me during the lockdown period, August precisely.

After having spent some quality amount of money buying different courses from copywriting to other digital skills.

Let me quickly establish that I'm a big fan of entrepreneurship and business.

I've always wanted to earn money my own way without having to wait for paychecks from anyone.

So with all desperation, I wanted to do everything possible to make my dream become reality.

And so I stumbled on a Fiverr course, enrolled, and actively participated with all enthusiasm knowing I was soon going to be out of the service year.

I didn't want to end up like most Nigerian graduates so I was eager to put to work what I had learned from the class.

Have gone online, checked other sellers, and saw their incredible earnings and was going to do everything possible to earn in dollars.

But when I decided to try my luck----

 Did it happen?

I wish I could tell you it did, but it didn't.

Everything went messy. I couldn't get any orders.

Normally, Fiverr allows that sellers set their gig selling price at a minimum of $5 and that was exactly what I did with the hope that I was going to get orders quickly.

...I was wrong…

I never got a single order.

I was going to give up and find something else to do but I persisted and decided to find a way to get around it.

So I started making some researches.

I went to Quora, Youtube, and Google searching for solutions.

I discovered a few little tricks, tried them, some worked and others didn't.

So It finally happened.

I got my first order…

By the way, what do you think?

I was excited, leaped for joy, and felt like running to everyone to share the news.

But deep down within me, I wasn't satisfied.


I wanted something more….

So I decided to test the waters and increased my gig selling price from $5 to $20…

That's weird, right?

Yeah! It is.

But it did work for me.

And that eureka moment.

After 48 hours I woke up from bed just to receive 3 gig orders from Fiverr.

I was shocked and felt like throwing up.

It was damn unbelievable.

I now realize what most people don't understand about buyers on freelance marketplaces.

Here's it.

When you charge low, you are indirectly telling your buyers that your gig maybe somehow messy and unprofessional. 

You may not attract high paying buyers that way.

So back to my story.

After 30 days of changing my gig rate on Fiverr, I earned a total of $1180. 

Now I make a living from just freelancing, something most people would literally debunk.

And so I guess you would be asking yourself several questions.

How do I get started with this Fiverr?

What do I have to sell to make this huge amount of money?

How do I keep getting consistent orders?

Most likely, if you have been on Fiverr for some days and probably have not made a dime you would be asking yourself another set of questions.

What am I doing wrong?

And many more…

Don't worry, I've decided to share the exact blueprint I used to make this loud money with a few action takers.

But I love to have your consent before going ahead with the class.

I only want to share this information with a maximum of 100 people who are ready to translate from their being broke to making a lot of money online.

Now… pause.

All along, I've been telling you how this class may change your life and turn you into a "Living Breathing Cash Machine".

But I have some worrying news for you.

It's probably not going to happen.

Here's why.

Most people don't have the drive, the commitment, or quite frankly the energy to put these ideas into practice.

But you may be different.

How do I know?

Aren't you that one person that has always wanted to be the breadwinner of your family?

Aren't you that person that desires to live the life of his dream?

I trust that you'll hold this information so dearly to your heart and use every single bit of it diligently.

So If you'd love to join the class, I want to see you comment "I'm interested" in the comment box

Or chat me up on 08032624915

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