Oriental Hotel Is Not Owned By Bola Tinubu, Check Out The Owner With Photos To Backup

Published On: October 24, 2020, 8:21 am (4 weeks ago)
Author: onuigbo felicia

Many Nigerians have never heard about the #Tungfamily that have been in this country for almost as long as this country has existed as an independent nation!

The Tungs are one of the four earliest British/Chinese families from Hong-Kong, that established in Nigeria in the 1960s: They are Kwang Lee, John Tung, ZM Chen and Robert Chen of WAHUM Group, and Cha Chin-Ming of the Cha textile manufacturing group.

John Tung of the Newco Group was the first big Chinese business man to arrive in Nigeria in 1960. He was already successful in Hong-Kong before branching out to Nigeria in search of bigger markets for their enamelware products. In the 1960s and 70s, Nigeria was the biggest overseas market for Chinese enamel products from Hong Kong.

KF Tung, 1922-2019, was a cousin to John Tung. He is number 5 of the 6 Tung brothers of his branch of the family. In 1968, he established Universal (Nigeria) Ltd, manufacturers of enamelware, kerosene lamps and stoves.

He later formed Western Metal Products Company (WEMPCO), manufacturing steel products, and grew it into the largest steel mill in Africa, catering to more than 60% of Nigerians steel needs.

The WEMPCO group has more than 10 subsidiaries, including Omo Wood Industry in Ogun state as well as ceramic & nails manufacturing.

Oriental Hotel is also one of them, in which they are said to own more than 90% interest.

Posted: (4 weeks ago) on 24-10-2020 08:21 AM | Hero
We don't care whoever it belong to burn them down , they re all getting rich on all of our sweat. is time every one of them speak up if not they re going down with them
Posted: (4 weeks ago) on 24-10-2020 11:40 AM | Upcoming
Reasons why one should not believe everything on social media. This family has been quietly doing their business for decades in the Country. Meanwhile, many Nigerian rich people prefer to send their money abroad.
Posted: (4 weeks ago) on 24-10-2020 03:21 PM | Upcoming
Are the board of aware about the rumor before the attack??
Why are now coming to deny the ownership.
Nigeria are aware of all this stupidious tactic.
Posted: (3 weeks ago) on 27-10-2020 01:15 PM | Newbie