VIDEO: Residents Share Looted COVID19 Palliatives Taken From A Warehouse To Beggars

Published On: October 24, 2020, 8:35 am (4 weeks ago)
Author: onuigbo felicia

An interesting video has been going around social media about some residents sharing looted palliative food to beggers after entering into a warehouse where COVID 19 palliatives items were kept for a very long time.

This video has touched many souls seeing that Nigerians really are their brothers' keepers. these food items are shared to those unable to cart away food items when most people did.

Watch the touching video below:
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Posted: (4 weeks ago) on 24-10-2020 08:35 AM | Hero
Shameful country, country rich with natural resources but fail in her citizen in every ways
Posted: (4 weeks ago) on 24-10-2020 11:38 AM | Upcoming