14-Year-Old Russian Girl Secretly Gives Birth And Hides Baby From Parents In Freezer

Published On: October 29, 2020, 1:14 pm (3 weeks ago)
Author: Olusanya Akinrinola

A schoolgirl aged 14, who gave birth to her ex-boyfriend's child will face the wrath of the law after she reportedly put her baby in the freezer to prevent her parents from knowing about the newborn.

The girl, identified by Russian media as Anastasia, was taken to hospital after her mother became worried about her after she heard her "moaning" throughout the night.

Concerned her daughter was suffering from appendicitis, she called an ambulance, and the girl was found to be heavily bleeding.

In the ambulance, the girl allegedly confessed to paramedics she had given birth and "hidden the child from the adults in the freezer," Novosibirsk region ombudsman Nadezhda Boltenko told 360TV.

Calling the incident a "terrible case," Ms Boltenko said: "Her mum heard her moaning at night and thought her daughter was suffering from appendicitis.

"The girl confessed to paramedics she had given birth and hidden the child from the adults in the freezer."

She added that the girl is now in hospital in a "serious condition" and will be treated there until the teen is able to be questioned.

It is believed the child of the father is a 16-year-old boy who had been in a relationship with the girl, but that they had broken up in the summer.

Russian Life reported the family's next door neighbour had wondered if the girl was pregnant and asked Anastasia’s mother.

However, her mother denied that she was pregnant and just said that her daughter had gained some weight recently.

An official from the Russian Investigative Committee said "all the circumstances of the infant's death" are being checked by detectives.

Posted: (3 weeks ago) on 29-10-2020 01:14 PM | Hero
Look at what her mother is saying,if your daughter added some weight recently you didn't bothered to check why the sudden change,gademn it men,you such a badass mother.....
Posted: (3 weeks ago) on 29-10-2020 04:55 PM | Gistmaniac
Her Mum failed her, she didn't pay attention like most mothers these days. You are busy chasing everything but your child's life and at the end, you will be the looser.
Posted: (3 weeks ago) on 29-10-2020 05:53 PM | Gistmaniac