Top Nigerian Influencers Reaching People All Over The World

Published On: October 30, 2020, 3:48 pm (3 weeks ago)
Author: kacy lee

Social media has many different facets to it, be it people who use platforms like Facebook to interact with friends or platforms like Instagram, where the birth of the influencer has well and truly occurred. There are also sports fans debating issues in football, alongside political rants or religious preaching. The material is comprehensive, that’s for sure.

The aforementioned rise of the influencer is one particular area of social media that has really shot to prominence in recent times. Influencers are making a living from their social media accounts, sharing various promotional content or selling their very own products. It’s a modern-day career, with many influencers specialising in a particular area.

For example, there’s an array of influencers in the fashion world sharing beauty tips or advice around winter trends, alongside influencers who focus on entertainment, be it through the promotion of a new movie or a casino gaming operator now offering ewallet solutions in the South African market. There’s an array of talented influencers out there, commanding huge figures in terms of their reach, as well as earning vast sums of money.

Influencers aren’t just dominating the American or European markets too, either. Nigeria is home to several talented individuals sharing interesting content on a regular basis. With that in mind, here’s a look at a few of them.

Uche Eze

A Nigerian entrepreneur, Uche Eze is the founder of brand BellaNaija, a social media brand that rose to prominence in recent times after covering various topics around news, entertainment, Nollywood, music and a whole host of other areas. Uche Eze is an inspiration to many young people all over Africa because of this, alongside the fact that she has a Bachelor's degree in Honours Business Administration (HBA) from the Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario. Since founding her brand in 2006, Uche Eze continues to go from strength to strength.

Ademola Ogundele

An influencer from the world of music, Ademola Ogundele is a writer and blogger on a mission to share the wonders of Nigerian music all around the world. He is also the founder of NotJustOk, a website which continues to spread his message and showcase talented Nigerian music to a wider online audience. It’s through his website where Ademola Ogundele has gained particular notoriety, although his writing has caught the eye too.

Noble Igwe

A man with an eye for fashion as well as starting his own entertainment and lifestyle website, Noble Igwe has amassed a huge following in and around Nigeria thanks to his fashion tips and his website’s news around all the happenings in Nigeria’s celebrity world, as well as keeping people posted on the latest parties in the country. With just under 250,000 followers on Instagram at the time of writing, Noble Igwe must be doing something right.

Linda Ikeji

Entertainment and lifestyle bloggers have shone in recent times, and Linda Ikeji appears to be no different. With her self-titled blog offering tips on fashion to lifestyle advice, her following of over six million on Instagram clearly hang on her every word. She has worked with numerous big brands, as well as promoting some of her own excellent work.

Nosa & Folly

A popular pair, Nosa and Folly spend their time promoting the best cuisine Lagos has to offer. They’re desperate to save people from wasting their hard-earned cash on horrific food, so do their best to review as many establishments as possible and share their content with their thousands of followers. One for the food lovers among us, Nosa and Folly now make a living from their hobby.

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