"Oba Akiolu, We Will Remove You, We Will Dethrone You" – Lagos Prince Makes Revelations (Video)

Date: 14-11-2020 7:54 pm (3 months ago) | Author: Mister Jay Wonder
- at 14-11-2020 07:54 PM (3 months ago)

A yet-to-be identifed Lagos prince has vowed that Oba Rilwan Akiolu will be dethroned. In a trending video recorded in Yoruba, he accused the monarch of corruption, neglect of the state and the people.

He regretted that Akiolu collects money from the government instead of demanding that the authorities take care of all residents.

The complainant recalled that after violence in the aftermath of the End SARS protests, many expected that the Oba would call everyone and discuss the way forward.

The prince told Akiolu to stop permutions about 2023, adding that kings are expected to provide quality traditional leadership.

“Kabiyesi Rilwan Aremu Osuolale Babatunde Akiolu, we will remove you, we will dethrone you. The way we’ll do it you’ll be surprised.

“It may not be possible legally, but we will do it in a traditional way. You’re not a good father, you’re not a good monarch. You don’t love the people, you don’t love Lagos.”

The prince stated that the Oba still has his “policeman character”.

Akiolu was promoted to an Assistant Inspector-General of Police in 1999, and left service in 2002.

The aggrieved royal member alleged that the retired AIG takes bribe from all corners and owns expensive houses across the metropolis.

He also recalled the theft of the Oba’s symbol of authority as well as the plenty palliatives and cash found in his palace.

“When they took the Opa Ase (Staff of Office), you were complaining but refused to talk about the money found inside a coffin. The money you’ve been collecting since your time in Kogi.

“You are already planning for 2023 (general elections), that’s if you live long till then. But it won’t work.

“You acknowledged that you collect money from Governor Sanwo-Olu three times in a year, that will amount to twelve times in four years. And it’s not small money.

“If you’re are a good father, you should have said “Jide, don’t worry, people are rioting, suffering, give them the money.”

“There are several dilapidated buildings around you, no drainage, no proper planning. Developers rush to build because of the fear that if they delay, you will revoke the land. You must go”,
he said.

Watch below:

Posted: at 14-11-2020 07:54 PM (3 months ago) | Addicted Hero
- DonRule4 at 14-11-2020 08:29 PM (3 months ago)
A leader who spoke against a tribe, because they choose to vote for Agbaja, against Ambode. Both people contesting are supposed to be his children and his tribes men. Yet Akiolu does not believe that the Igbo's has the right to elect their choice. 
Tribe does not matter, a bad man will also be bad to his brothers and children.
Posted: at 14-11-2020 08:29 PM (3 months ago) | Newbie
- opaa at 14-11-2020 11:41 PM (3 months ago)
Legendary words..I love your speech and confidence.The prince.
Posted: at 14-11-2020 11:41 PM (3 months ago) | Newbie
- Baaleagbe at 15-11-2020 12:35 AM (3 months ago)
na audio talk and shakara.let us wait and see
Posted: at 15-11-2020 12:35 AM (3 months ago) | Newbie
- Abogado at 15-11-2020 04:23 PM (3 months ago)
Online (m)
Well said bor,that man Akiolu is pure EVIL
Posted: at 15-11-2020 04:23 PM (3 months ago) | Upcoming