Meet 36yr Old Nura Magaji, A Bauchi Carpenter & Father of 13 Children Who Desires to Have More

Date: 25-01-2021 5:20 pm (3 months ago) | Author: kacy lee
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Nura Walwala Magaji, a 36-year-old carpenter from Zango ward, Bauchi State, has said he’s proud to be blessed with 13 children, 10 boys and 3 girls, and hope to have more as his childhood dream is to father at least 40 children.

Magaji, whose four wives gave birth within three weeks, said taking care of them will not be a problem because it’s Allah who takes care of children.

Speaking with Leadership, he said, “Babies are a gift from Allah and I am happy that my four wives gave birth to three bouncing boys and a girl within just three weeks.

 Polygamy runs in my blood. In fact, we inherited it from both our maternal and paternal grandparents. My mother’s father married four wives, likewise my dad’s father. Yes, it might sound funny but am so proud of this achievement. Growing up as a child, I used to pray to Allah to bless me with 40 children and people laughed at me.

You know everybody has their idealogy and you cannot force a particular ideology on someone. Haven said this, bearing family responsibility is not solely in our hands as husbands, rather, it is in the hands of our Creator. Look, Allah commanded us to start by marrying two wives, then proceed to three wives, then four wives and He said if you cannot be just among them, go for one wife.

It is wrong for an individual to subscribe to the idea of family planning because of fear of poverty. It is rather better to space between one child and another to give both the mother and the baby required care and attention before bringing another one. I have 13 children now; 10 boys and three girls.

Nine out of the 13 children are enrolled in formal schools and just as you can see, an Alaramma is around teaching them how to memorise

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Good, keep breeding na u dey feed dem no be me
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As long as they don't become public nuisance! That's what you people do! Breeding children like pigs and when the little income is not coming again, you release them to the streets for Allah to take care of them! Useless people!
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those boys are everywhere looking for jobs in the southeast with no education, they end up being shoe maker, gate man, and so many odd jobs.. give birth to 20 children, we need gate man oooo
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