"Why I Released Apostle Suleiman’s Nood Photos" – Stephanie Otobo Reveals

Date: 09-05-2022 8:27 pm (2 weeks ago) | Author: onuigbo felicia
- at 9-05-2022 08:27 PM (2 weeks ago)

Canadian-based Nigerian singer and songwriter Stephanie Otobo has set the internet on fire again. This time the controversial artiste, who has been having a running battle with televangelist and General Overseer, Omega Fire Ministry, Apostle Johnson Suleiman has released the Nood photos of the clergyman on her Twitter handle.

Still, this time the Delta-State born singer has left no one in doubt that the Nood photos belonged to the reverend apostle who is known for his fiery speeches and no-nonsense approach to issues. And she also threatened to release more videos.

Stephanie is unrepentant and looks every inch a woman scorned and wants her own pound of flesh. According to her, she had to release Suleiman’s Nood photos on her Twitter handle because not only has the man of God been after her life but has also made life difficult for her.

Not only did Suleiman did everything to stop her music career, he even poisoned her, paid her friends to set her up and bribed some members of her family to assassinate her.

“This man has done everything to end my life but God is not dead, this video is the complete story of how everything happened and how it’s going lately. I’ll release a comprehensive video of everything that happened and the answers to questions.

“That it was other pastors and politicians that wanted to bring him down. How come no name was mentioned? I only did that cos the pressure was too much and everyone had left me to suffer alone. No support. I had to give up at that moment to have the opportunity for reinforcement,” she tweeted.

“He lured me to come make false confession at his church in Auchi that I lied against him. Apostle Johnson Suleman tried using police to shut me up because I visited Nigeria to do feature Timaya in a song. I already paid Clarence Peters for the visuals of the song before oga arrested me, cos I refused to obey him to go back to Canada. He wanted me to amount to nothing.

“Some people kept on wondering why I came out exposing Apostle Johnson Suleman, and why I haven’t let go ever since. The truth is that, I never planned to. He pushed me to the wall and the only way I could fight back was to cry out and made everything known. The devil smiles,” she alleged.

Stephanie, showing so much bravado and assurance said the penis she posted was Suleiman’s, even going as far as giving a graphic description of the penis.

“If the dick pic isn’t his, what is he gonna say about the scar oh his left thigh? His wife can’t deny that scar. How did I know he has a scar on his left thigh if we we didn’t have intimacy? Lol. If he’s denying, he should open up his thigh let’s see. His nails too says it all.

“If these screenshots were fake, how did I get his pics that aren’t public pics at the first place and how come I’m the first to release this kind of pics of him? He has changed his hairstyle twice since I came out to speak up with receipts. He has done a lot to appear different,”
she alleged.

This latest development is indeed a new twist to the back-and-forth accusations and counter accusations that have defined the unholy romance between the popular man of God and a singer who has tried her hand in virtually everything.

It would be recalled that in 2017 Stephanie had accused Suleiman of having segxwal intercourse with her, which he vehemently denied, describing it as a blackmail. Stephanie was arrested and spent some time at Kirikiri Maximum prison in Lagos.

In another development, Stephanie refuted all what she had accused the clergyman of in Auchi, saying that Suleiman never had any affair with her. She said it was some politicians that had asked her to set the clergyman up.

Still, Stephanie came out again and said she was forced to make that confession in Auchi because of threats to her life and horrible experience in prison as well as the huge toll the case had taken on her.

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stupid...... Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
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- Jiiitk4 at 9-05-2022 10:30 PM (2 weeks ago)
Sister please release more. God don punish this useless apostle of women. He opened his dirty mouth to say bad things against NDIGBO. We will finish him.
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useless apostle of women, na thunder go fire suleman, that stupid fake man of God . useless man of dog thats what the idiot is
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 This stupid lady should go take several seats! I'm no pastor's fan but I  honestly see no point in her rants, to even have the shame and gut to be saying all these after presumably sleeping with someone's husband and an apostle for that matter? Girl get ur motives right cos this ain't working for me at all, this man's wife should be coming for you for sleeping with her husband tbh. An adult like you voluntarily started an affair with a married man claiming to be a man of God and you're even shameless to be making noise saying u will expose him? Like hello??? You're just exposing your foolishness and immorality so go sleep. It's 2022 and I'm too busy for this
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