Ritualists Pluck Out University Student Eyes [Vey Graphical]

Published On: January 5, 2011, 12:50 am
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Ritualists Pluck Out University Student Eyes
The late Churchill Omoruyi

The family of Churchill Omoruyi, a 300-level student of the University of Benin, Edo State began the new year on a sad note when they received news of the  death of their son, whose eyes were allegedly plucked out by ritualists.
P.M.NEWS investigation revealed that Churchill, a student of Department of International Relations and Diplomacy, University of Benin, UNIBEN, left home on  30 December, 2010  to attend a vigil at Christ Foundation Church, off Ewah Road, Benin City, but he never returned home.

The following day, Churchill brother, Paul Omoruyi, his father, Pa Omoruyi and his father brother, Mr. John Igbinadolor were shocked when police informed  them that the deceased had  drowned  in Ikpoba River, Benin City when he was being baptised.
The family disputed the claim, saying that the late Churchill had been baptised before and he did not go to the church with a change of clothes in  preparation for the baptism.
The family, therefore, went with the police to search for the corpse of the late Churchill. But when it was found on 1 January, 2011, the family discovered  the deceased eyes had been plucked out and his tongue removed. This gave rise to their suspicion that he might have been a victim of ritual killers.
At the Esiegie Police Station, the Divisional Police Officer, DPO, Mrs. Carol Onyeka Afegbai, a Chief Superintendent of Police, CSP confirmed the story.
She added that the late Churchill body has been sent to the hospital for autopsy and the result will determine the police next line of action.
Mrs. Afegbai confirmed the arrest of Pastor Ojo because the deceased was said to have attended his church for the vigil before his death.
The DPO directed further enquiries on the incident to the Edo State Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Peter Ogboi, but he could not be reached as at press  time.

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-- dollar22 (m) at 5-01-2011 01:49AM
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-- otagermo (m) at 5-01-2011 01:54AM
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hmmmmmmmm! 9ja! horror zone.may his soul RIP.
-- banana4good (m) at 5-01-2011 02:40AM
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for arresting  of Pastor,i ask,are you shore that the guy go the night vigil,one thing i hat in police is there investigation,some ppl use to tell there ppl that they are going for something but is not where they are going,well in the other hand may his soul RIP,
-- jigaxsol (m) at 5-01-2011 02:53AM
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My God! Just imagine wat ppl re capable of doing. Y do dey take a life dat dey cant give?
-- falanaoludare (m) at 5-01-2011 03:02AM
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hmmmm . . .
-- jigaxsol (m) at 5-01-2011 03:19AM
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Wat a pity. U train flower finish anoda person con go cut am down. Ahh nawaoo
-- Pointzero (m) at 5-01-2011 04:50AM
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Hmmm...wat a shameful act

-- donuche (m) at 5-01-2011 05:06AM
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let the police do their investigations but arresting the pastor is rubbish because nobody knows if he actually went to the night vigil as he told his family  members before the unfortunate incident and even if he went there is the possibilities that he might have meet the ritualist while coming back from the vigil because night vigil close very early in the morning sometimes the day might have not broken properly before the vigil closes and those that have an engagements to attend or will be going and schools early morning will leave without waiting till the day breaks properly.there is this possibilities too that he might have meet those evil men while going to the vigil at night.
-- trolling (m) at 5-01-2011 05:44AM
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that country is sick.
-- elusakin (m) at 5-01-2011 06:01AM
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Please guys, stop complaining and let the police do their job.

In this case, the prime suspect is the pastor cos he claimed the victim died at the river when he went for baptism.

Use your head guys and stop ranting.

Just thinking...
-- ajanni (m) at 5-01-2011 06:15AM
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the police said he wa drown while baptisinf , good , and the river plucks his two eyes ? absolutely madness ,
the police killed him or have hands in his killing , let the family carry on with the case and get to its rooth
-- Ayobamy (m) at 5-01-2011 07:31AM
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chei! i'm sick and tired of this country. Huh?
-- 2slimshady (f) at 5-01-2011 08:06AM
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what is nigeria turning into, first bomb blasting,ritualist and so on.
When will our country be at peace again?
-- bomsiluv (f) at 5-01-2011 09:24AM
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Quote from: jigaxsol on  5-01-2011 03:19AM
Wat a pity. U train flower finish anoda person con go cut am down. Ahh nawaoo

My bros, dis kind of thing dey pain  o
-- bomsiluv (f) at 5-01-2011 09:25AM
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Abeg, oga police, leave the Pastor alone.
-- jigaxsol (m) at 5-01-2011 09:35AM
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D Fight 4 fame, riches, position nd power. Its d poor ppl dat suffers d pain, wile d fool make deir illegal nd sinfull money. God help us dey wnt c us in jesus name
-- ltdavo (m) at 5-01-2011 09:39AM
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God will bring out the evil perpetrators as soon as posible
-- ceciliaonah (f) at 5-01-2011 10:16AM
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May God forgive them. And for the boy may his soul rest in paces...
-- walerian (m) at 5-01-2011 10:28AM
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R.I.P Churchill God is in control
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