Eleven Bad Decisions That Jonathan Has Made That May Go Against Him

Published 8 years ago by: Daniel Bosai
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at 11:46 PM, 15/04/2011 (8 years ago)

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No1.  he’s the kind of president that will vote N10bn for 6 federal universities but will give N30bn for the entertainment industry.  They say it is a loan but is the  the entertainment industry the most endangered? What about the health and education sectors?

No2. he’s the type of president that  will vote N1.3bn for furniture in less than a year after his house was renovated for him and a similar amount spent by the deceased president on the same house?  Insensitive?  Selfish?

No3. he’s the kind of president that will provide intervention fund for the textile industry and less than one week later lift the ban on the importation of textile!

No4. he’s the kind  of  president  that will increase the age of cars allowed into the country  from 10 to 15 years when governments all over the world are spending billions to eliminate high carbon based carbon from the society because of negative impact on the environment.

No5. he’s the kind of president that will set up six universities premised on a silly reason that every state should have one, created additional three when all the existing ones are in a state of uselessness due to huge under-funding?

No6. he’s the kind of president that will waive and allow duty free importation of rice into the country, denying our local farmers the revenue, the support and the patronage needed for growth; all in the name of politics.  Even Baba Iyabo was unhappy and could not believe that we import rice with so much local production going on.

No7. he’s the kind of president that will consider creating an airport in each state of the federation when the existing international and local ones  are in ruins and taken over by goats and cows.   Please visit Kano International Airport at night and see whether you won't have to read psalm 23 for safe landing.


No8. he’s the kind of president that will spend an entire $4.5bn in excess crude oil account in less than eight months; arguing that the  account is illegal but the people have not seen anything he did with the money. Na wa oh!

No9. he’s the kind of president that will  spend N10bn or N17bn on an anniversary with nothing to write home about.  Ghana spent less than N200m and the impact is still on 2 years later – I still dey vex for this one!

No10. he’s the kind of president who under the guise of raising money for election keeps the price of kerosene and AGO at over N130.  Well, it’s good for the masses.  Na only no queues at the filling station una dey see?

No11. he’s the kind of president who will spend so much money on a carnival like campaign around the country without spending time to reflect on the number of children without shoes, without books and without food.   Or are poverty stricken people no more in Nigeria?

In summary, the guy does not have the capacity to lead us.  Many say he’s nice.  That’s true but so are children; but if we allow them to lead even our houses, we can only harvest destruction.

Source: Sahara Reporters

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kemon at 11:55 PM, 15/04/2011 (8 years ago)
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I totally agree. that guy has been in power for over a year & i still haven't seen any change.nigerians open ur eyes,don't be fooled by sweet words & material gifts;they don't last.
femilux at 12:58 AM, 16/04/2011 (8 years ago)
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mr poster i bliv u are sick? it seems u dont like posting good deeds except the one u only feel is bad and may not even be bad afterall, no wonder your name and pix is not on ya wall, i bliv u either have personal hatred for mr president or u are paid to upload dis unnecessary post and to u kemon dont allow dis so called poster misdirect you..... as for me he is the best so far it seems u didnot read about the buhari regime, when prison was the home of the people fighting for the masses's course and ribadu was the head of efcc wen all the most corrupt issues happen........... fellow nigerians i bliv he is the best we have, i dont know what u folks have in mind? folks u can prove me wrong with your comments......................................
mcsimon at 01:19 AM, 16/04/2011 (8 years ago)
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@poster my Goodluck rules haters sucks...
Youngstoriez at 01:20 AM, 16/04/2011 (8 years ago)
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...poster!! i knda disagreee on some issues stated up there oo!...politics no call me so i pass...nd bsides no dey compare us wif dem ghanaians abeg!
mafiaa at 01:24 AM, 16/04/2011 (8 years ago)
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even if u talk till tmr...some people no go gree say Jona no get sense o...mtchewwww
I go only vote when Fashola decides to contest for president...simple.

f*ck bro Jona, f*ck his bosses OBJ nd co.

the most painful thing is that PDP will win and Nigeria will still remain de same for another four years because Nigerians no de hear word.
estilizo at 01:31 AM, 16/04/2011 (8 years ago)
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@poster,i really cant tell what you are on about..... ???let people vote who ever they want and lets see how this all comes out,must you do this all the time? ???its just few hours to the election and you decided to change peoples mind by posting this dumb article here.As for the post,all deeds are answerable to God,whoever wins,should watch it,....because God is definately going to visit his house hold,giving out double what he gave to Nigerians,be it good or bad.

kaycee1989 at 01:42 AM, 16/04/2011 (8 years ago)
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i will rather advice u stop reading sahara reporters poster...anything from them have always been anti jonathan just the way you have been anti jonathan for no just cause...right from pdp primaries, they were pro atiku...they are regional in their campaigns..they see nothing good except the north clinching the presidency...so dont read or take their reporters serious...those people are destined to divide the country..the only thing remaining for them is to say that jonathan's skin colour is supposed to b a lil bit fairer than what it was...even the points ..let me counterract all your points right now...
1) the money for entertainment industry is just a loan that people will acess and will pay it back to the govt with interest..its lik bank loans..no b 4 dash
2)your second point sounds funny but i know that if anybody respects the office of the presidency..u wont raise such accusations against him..its unfounded and so untrue..check your facts well and stop reading sahara propagandas
3)right now the textile industry is being rehabilated..production is yet to start..and remember that he was praised by this singular act that he did..clothings became cheaper..corrupt custom officials who still smuggle same banned product into the country didnt see avenue to take bribes again..and good clothes became something that anybody can buy in nigerian market despite being cheaper..
4)if you can start manufacturing cars in nigeria, then we welcome you to start same for us..you dont want us to get cars at affordable prices abi..u want only the rich to b d ones that will own cars and same age of cars or even more still find its way into our country via smugglin..
5)have u ever checked the number of nigerians that apply for jamb every year and compare it with the number of people that gets admission..u dont want us to go to skul abi??..e no go wotk 4 u sha...aas 4 the rehabilation of existing ones..u cnt xpct him to do magic..evrytin is step by step..dont 4gt he is just in dt office for 9 months only.for the ones he has done, he demands commendation rather than comdemnation.
6)poster, do u knw hw much a bag of rice costs??..i dont think u ve the slightest idea of what families are passin through in the country..this his act has reduced price of rice in the market alongside our local rice..poster i dont think that you eat local rice either..as for that one..he has embarked in large scale agriculture that will promote and boost our local produce..something you dont have..the next thing to do is to buy it or borrow it temporarily till you can get yours..how many local produce have u seen since obj banned all those things..meanwhile my mum is happy with that lifting of the ban..
7)you know that we dont need to lie just to prove our unnecessary points..right now, our nation's radar has been upgraded..enugu airport is being upgraded..massive rehabiltation is on going..we can now travel to any country directly from nigeria rather than inter-connecting flight via another country..get your facts very well and stop the calumny with unnecessary lies..and mind u..no new airport is being built by the federal governmnt now..even the inteernational aviation community has given us the highest classification cos of the improvements in our aviation sector.
8)the central bank governor has explained the reduction of the excess crude account to us already..incase u didnt see that..he said that the money was used in repairin of oil wells damaged as a result of militancy(the shell bonga oil terminal just started working among other ones) which has made our total crude oil production increased..the money was also used to build the nine new federal universities and the upgrades in the aviation sector among other things..and i dont need to tell you that these things are not chicken money..so dere s no need saving money in d form of reserve while we have problems facing us that money can solve..righr now..d excess crude accout has increased back to 6 billion dollars now...check ur facts..its only a foolish man that will save money in the bank while his kids are hungry and stoped skulin cos of skul fees..
9)i dont know where u got that amount from but what i will tell you is that ghana is not nigeria..their population is one fifth of ours..so dont compare both countries at all..i know they are ahead of us in terms of development bt we ll gt dere one day..meanwhile..ur figure are inflated..
10) have u tried to check the prices of those things before he came in??..they were higher than those your said amounts..and have anybody complained that kerosene or those products is scarce??..he has done it on fuel ..he will still do it on other products..dnt 4gt, he s still 9 months old as a president..
11)dont forget that he is the only president that organised a fund raisin ceremony for his campaign where individuals donated money for it..have obj eva done that..its not ur money he is using and not the countryz money..anyway..dts what we call incumbency factor..get that or leave ur opinion to yourself..
for the great things he haas done despite the little time in office for the free and credible election we ve witnessed so far, for his humility and sense of listenin, for his credibilty and education, for his equity, non-sentimental, non regional, non religious, non tribal and non sectional attitude, for his credible and trustworthy political appointments..we, the masses of nigeria has decided to vote him for continuity..get that fact straigth or u leave ur opinion to ursef alone..u and i only have one vote and cant cast more than that..
kaycee1989 at 01:45 AM, 16/04/2011 (8 years ago)
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Quote from: kemon on 11:55 PM, 15/04/2011
I totally agree. that guy has been in power for over a year & i still haven't seen any change.nigerians open ur eyes,don't be fooled by sweet words & material gifts;they don't last.
read my post and stop accusing unnecessarily and baselessly..if he is yet to do anythin, then why has people decide to vote him and look beyond pdp failed 12 year??..i wonder if you are evn in nigeria or ust tryin to say that you are yet to see the new railway systems, fuel area, education, aviation, free nd fair election, among others..think twice
deboalabi262 at 01:51 AM, 16/04/2011 (8 years ago)
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@Poster you don yan the koko. Make person wey get sense listen attentively before wasting their votes for GEJ or PDP....

dogodajiabuja at 01:58 AM, 16/04/2011 (8 years ago)
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Quote from: kemon on 11:55 PM, 15/04/2011
I totally agree. that guy has been in power for over a year & i still haven't seen any change.nigerians open ur eyes,don't be fooled by sweet words & material gifts;they don't last.
u agree ur head. olodo!, confused monkey!
 wetin u know?
my own be say...bcos none of the other candidates dont have any body from from the south south or south east as vice president, they don fail be that!
they fear that if they die like the late buhari, thier vice will take over as Goodluck!
so i wish all of them GOODLUCK  come tomorrow!
na only GOODLUCK i wish them....if u know wat that means!...lol!
dogodajiabuja at 02:03 AM, 16/04/2011 (8 years ago)
(580 | Upcoming) (m)

Quote from: deboalabi262 on 01:51 AM, 16/04/2011
@Poster you don yan the koko. Make person wey get sense listen attentively before wasting their votes for GEJ or PDP....
poster weh don deh drink kai kai since 5am na im u say e don yan de koko.
ask am say wetin him papa deh do wen GOODLUCK deh go school.
abeg no mind am. in jus copy somthing from haters come paste for here.
na real ogogoro guy be dat!
sugaDaddy1forU at 02:09 AM, 16/04/2011 (8 years ago)
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livingday at 02:15 AM, 16/04/2011 (8 years ago)
(1717 | Gistmaniac) (m)

May the best person win the day
dogodajiabuja at 02:25 AM, 16/04/2011 (8 years ago)
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Quote from: mafiaa on 01:24 AM, 16/04/2011
even if u talk till tmr...some people no go gree say Jona no get sense o...mtchewwww
I go only vote when Fashola decides to contest for president...simple.

f*ck bro Jona, f*ck his bosses OBJ nd co.

the most painful thing is that PDP will win and Nigeria will still remain de same for another four years because Nigerians no de hear word.
ne wen Buhari win and then supply BOKO HARAM with AK47 and the latest BOMB, na dat time ur eye go clear?
abi dem deh follow you?
dem send you?
omo ale!
Larrykingomoj at 02:42 AM, 16/04/2011 (8 years ago)
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Let's give him a chance, he will turn around, he is the best for now no matter what.
positivepeters at 02:46 AM, 16/04/2011 (8 years ago)
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poster u ve failed ....if u want to checkmate an individual, it involves a two thing. (1) the good and (2) the bad aspects.
but u ve just listed stuffs you felt was bad, without telling us the readers the end result of this Action and Decisions.

ceejay58 at 04:41 AM, 16/04/2011 (8 years ago)
(8392 | Hero) (m)

I just wonder why all these hate and insult to the poster from some respondents here....
some few ones who can really see beyond their nose re trying all they could to open ur eyes to the reality and facts of the things to follow immediately after the elections cos they re already happening, yet some people here re just kicking against the truth.

so i ask what exactly is false in all the above listed blunders that Jonathan administration has committed? is there anyone that's not true? Didn't it all happened just within a little above a yr that this present administration has bn in place? Aren't them all true? Can anyone of u here list just three positive things that this country have benefited from this present government and how it has positively affected the Nigerian people?

Yes i understand that we all wanted a change in government, that power should be rotated among everyone of the six geo-political zones in Nigeria. but should we just embraced and settled down with just anything all because we want a change (when we all knew deep down in our hearts that things re still gonna be the same way are presently, and might even get worse at the long run)?

just check out everyone of these bad decisions made by Jonathan's administration, they re all true.  Imagine importing Rice from outside the country? things that we ourselves produced here, yet it's still u guys who 'll be too quick to point to the increasing rate of unemployed youths that we ve got here in Nigeria. how would they be employed when the government of the day has failed to create an avenue that 'll consequently bring about those space for the unemployed youths to fill in? when all they do is use that same tax payers money to import junks from even some poor Asian countries? thereby enriching those people at Nigerians expense.
switzy at 04:56 AM, 16/04/2011 (8 years ago)
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who be this ode! wey just post this kind nonsense...so i should now pick buhari....and abeg which change do u want to see??..Obama wey talk talk b4 ihm become president of US, now that he is the president what has changed, and it has been 4 YEARS and johnatan only 1 YEAR. naija has tried jor, WE ARE JUST 50!!!, America is over 2 CENTURIES OLD!!!..you don't expect us to measure shoulders with them, and if you want change go and START SOMETHING!!!
ceejay58 at 05:31 AM, 16/04/2011 (8 years ago)
(8392 | Hero) (m)

In less than 4hrs from now Nigerians will be marching out to elect who is to direct the affairs of the nation for the next 4yrs. Now these things i believed were brought up to enlighten us and to make those of you who might not know to see the foundation on were ur supposedly hero perch ur hopes.....    Some argued that there ve bn some level of improvement in the power sector but i was in Nigeria from December 2010 till second week of Feb 2011 yet i never saw any sign of that. in fact we spent the last festive period with out light in our area, save for the regular gen sets..  Isn't a very big shame that some well known big time manufacturing companies that really help in boasting our economy re now closing down and relocating to neighboring Ghana as a result of power failure. thereby laying off thousands of Nigerians to start walking the streets all over again in search of non existing jobs.  

Even going as far as lifting bans on some stuffs ban by OBJ's administrations, same obj some of us still criticize till date.  Imagine lifting bans placed on cars that bn used by other countries for over ten to fifteen yrs... isn't it a huge slap in the face?  it means that Nigeria 'll continue to be regarded as a dumping site for useless materials by other nations?

We ve still got hours b/4 the elections so pls if u haven't yet i suggests that u should pls first check out the manifestos and track records of all the running candidates and be sure of who truly deserves ur votes.  
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