How wedding gift made us barren for 11 years - Couple Comfess

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Most adults who have passed through great tribulation in life are always quick to affirm that there are evil powers and principalities. More often, they pity young people who, in their ignorance, see life as a bed of roses.
However, in this age, it is not only adults that are faced with trials but also young people, especially those who are involved in various nefarious activities.
Perhaps in their search for money and positions, people seek powers from the evil forces, which unconsciously initiate them into occultism. In another way, because of various challenges of life, which range from infertility, barrenness, poverty to failure, many have sought solutions in the dark places.
Unfortunately, many people have died because they could not fulfil all the obligations to the powers of darkness. For those who live, they tell many stories about their ordeal in the hands of the agents of darkness and of course their deliverance by the power, which is above every other power, the God Almighty.
A good example is Mr. Demola Moyosade and his wife, Funmilayo, who, in their quest to have their own baby after 12 years of marriage ran into the arms of evil doers and served as slaves for four years with the promise to get the fruit of the womb.
Moyosade was born at Okeho, Oyo State. He studied at the Obafemi Awolowo University and later found love in Funmilayo, a beautiful lady from Iffo Amuro in Kogi State. They got married on October 16, 1999 in Kwara State and settled down in Lagos.
They were blessed, as their pharmacy store in Ejigbo Local Council Development Area of Lagos, continued to expand. LIZEM Pharmacy became a household name at Ejigbo but the owners were tagged another name by the community. People called them the "Barren couple". They were alleged to have used their fertility for money ritual.
"It was a harrowing experience. For 11 years, we ran from one hospital to another; from church to church; from mosque to mosque; from one herbalist to another but all our efforts proved abortive. Even though our business was booming, we lacked peace. The trauma was too much, especially from people who called us bad names because we could not give birth to a child," Moyosade said.
In one of his moves to get help, Moyosade had visited a popular prayer mountain, in Ibadan, where he met a prophet who told him that his wife could never give birth and if she eventually became pregnant, she would die during labour.
The prophecy frightened him but could not tell his wife, who had earlier advised him to marry another woman due to her inability to get pregnant.
She recalled that particular incident, "After many years of waiting without pregnancy, I woke my husband up in the middle of the night and told him to marry another woman but that he should not divorce me. He refused to marry another woman."According to her husband,"we continued to pray and hope in God that one day my wife will be pregnant until I received a strange visitor in my shop one evening. The young man came with a cell phone and begged to charge the handset, which I obliged. In fact, I had to remove my own cell phone from the electric socket so that he could charge his own. I told him to come back before 10 p.m when we close to pick his handset, which he did," Moyosade said.However, the couple got into the dungeon of the evil power when the young man resurfaced the following day to laud Moyosade for his hospitality and promised to assist the couple to get out of childlessness.
"On that fateful day, this young man asked me to buy a white keg and sponsor his transport fare to Osogbo to invoke the spirit of the Osun goddess to give us a child. I did all he wanted me to do. He left and later came back to invite me and my wife to a shrine in a thick forest located at Ota, Ogun State. He said that "mama osun" would like to see us," he said.During this period, the couple had stopped going to church. Their worship song had changed from Halleluyah to "Ore yeye Osun o". This was revealed when the couple arrived at the shrine at Ota and the Yeye Osun warned the wife, Funmilayo never to come to the place with the Holy Bible anymore.
Moyosade explained that his visit to the shrine was mystical, adding that he could not describe how he got there with his wife. "On our way, a lady in white cloth appeared to us mysteriously and led us into a hut where we met an old woman of over 100 years of age surrounded by four other people in white garments. The old woman wore pure gold crown and shoes. She spoke gravely and motioned us to stay back. After, an invisible woman's voice erupted in the wood, telling us that she was busy doing something in the sea. The audible voice told us that we were her children and that we had promised her not to have any child until after 11 years of our marriage.
"The woman however directed us to Osun grove in Osogbo. When we got to the river, as directed, we found a small calabash. When we opened it, we saw a N10 note and a voice came up again to tell us that the exact money was given to us during our wedding 12 years ago and that it was the cause of our barreness," he said.Asked if he actually received a N10 note as a wedding gift, Moyosade confirmed it, adding that some inscription was put on the note, which he showed to his pastor. "Then my Pastor told me to give the money out to beggars, which I did. I never knew it would resurface at Osun grove years after."Moyosade and his wife left Osun grove in joy with the assurance that their propitiation had been accepted by the goddess. On getting home, a voice echoed out of one of the rooms, instructing them to buy a white pigeon for her to eat.
"That was where we got into serious trouble. The invisible woman told us to lock the room, never to open it anymore. She said, she would be living in the room and anytime she felt like talking to us, she would call us to move closer to the door of the room. I did everything. I spent a lot of money to buy pigeon birds. She would tell me to wrap the bird with black nylon and put behind my car. The bird always disappeared after a while in my car. Only my wife and I heard the strange voice despite the fact that we have relatives living with us.
One day, she told me to leave my shop and go home that I would see a calabash on my bed. She asked me to eat whatever I found in the calabash, which I did. We communicated everyday. One day, she called me to wake up in the middle of the night and go to the gate that I would meet somebody who would deliver a message to me. I quietly went to the gate with my wife so that my landlord would not query us. I was surprised to see somebody in white garment. The person did not talk; he only stretched his hand towards me and put something on my hand," he said.Moyosade had been initiated but he refused to forget about his predicament. He continued to ask the invisible woman to give him a child
After almost four years of wining and dining with the devil without a child, Moyosade resolved to challenge the invisible woman. First, when his father was to pay him a visit in Lagos. Moyosade had urged the evil woman to quit the room so that his father could stay there but she refused.
"She told me that my father could not sleep there that the room was waterlogged. She directed me to open it and see. When we opened the room, it was like a river, we quickly closed it. In one of our conversations, I had told her that I would like to tell my father about her. She obliged and after I narrated the story to my father, she praised me but my father cried for what I was passing through," he said.
Moyosade, however, broke the evil jinx when he challenged the invisible woman to tell him the kind of offence he had committed against her that had made him barren"I told her that I was ready to commit the worse offence by disobeying her and going back to the living God. I dusted my Bible and went back to church with my wife. I refused to communicate with the woman again. I met my pastor when he came to paint my shop. The pastor, Reverend Samuel Bodunde of the Open Door Evangelical Ministry, Ejigbo had suddenly visited my shop, saying God had directed him to paint it free of charge. After I refused to obey the invisible voice, I went to worship in the church and told the pastor all my problems. We began to pray again. Every Monday and Wednesday, we did prayer in my house, including vigils. We visited prayer mountains and gradually, the invisible voice began to fade away," he said.However, when joy finally smiled on the couple last year, the fear of death ran through the mind of Moyosade who was still living with the prophecy that his wife would die in the course of giving birth.
As the wife, Funmilayo put it, "As usual, we slept together and I went to one of the branches of our pharmacy store in the morning. I was expecting to see the monthly menstruation but I missed it. I conducted the pregnancy test, it was positive. I did it again, it was positive and I quickly sent a text message to my husband who refused to believe. When we arrived at home in the night, he conducted the test himself and it was positive. I did it everyday for more than a week to confirm. We later called the pastor who instructed us not to tell anybody."
But another problem occurred when the scan result showed that though the woman was carrying a foetus, two fibroids growing with it. "We deduced new prayer points. But each time I look at my wife, what I saw was a dead person. The prophecy I had received still traumatised me. But with prayer we were able to subdue the fear."
He noted that as the pregnancy grew, the fibroid disappeared until February 28, 2011 when his wife was due to give birth. "I had to drive her to the hospital in my car. I had the fear that I would lose her as said by the prophet. Because she was already 38 years old at the time, the doctor advised me that we did Caesarean. I became more frightened that with Caesarean, the woman might lose blood and eventually give up. I began to think of where I would bury her body. Either at my newly bought site or where, I was ruminating but she did not know my thought towards her. I was at the hospital with my pastor and his wife praying as the doctor performed the surgery. About two hours later, a nurse came to congratulate me and asked me to come and see my baby. I asked about my wife but she would not answer me. Later the doctor came out and told me to bring something from home. I ran back home, waiting to hear that my wife was dead. But I give glory to God, she lives with the baby. Bad prophecy is not my portion," he said.
"It was a long battle because the devil did not want the family to have a child. I was ready to sacrifice myself for this family to live and rejoice. At a point, I thought I would lose either of my wife or child in the course of intervening for the Moyosades. But God took all the glory," he said.

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God's so Wonderful! He said in his word "Call upon me, and I'll answer thee....".
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God's so Wonderful! He said in his word "Call upon me, and I'll answer thee....".
very 9ce...Jah blessed them for seeking Him
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