Yahoo Yahoo Boys Hit Malaysia To Sell Kidney For 10 Million Naira

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As we are all aware of the decline in income from what was once termed Yahoo Yahoo, internet scam the perpetrators have moved on to a more challenging, but lucrative and profitable scamming pattern called Yahoo Plus, and for those who don’t know what the aforementioned phrase means, it is simply the use of diabolical means to enhance their chances of collecting money and other material things from their victims.

However, as time has moved, so has contentment also grown slimmer amongst most street boys whose claim to affluence and wealth can only be traced to Yahoo Plus. And so, they moved on yet again to more risky ventures like traveling abroad to engage in one form of scam or the other. However, taking a deeper look at the implications of Yahoo Plus, Yahoo and even more desperate measures like Yahoo Plus Plus one would still be able to breath a sigh of relief when compared to the latest form of act that has just breezed into town. Information available to this magazine, revealed a new act being engaged in by Yahoo boys in town.

According to the information, Nigerian Yahoo boys only recently have taken to storming Malaysia to sell their Kidney. Investigations by this magazine revealed that this is the most recent form of Yahoo in town. It is a known fact that the demand for Kidney in most Western and advanced countries can hardly meet the supply, as most people on the sick bed even die before they find a donor. It is in a bid to multiply the supply of donors that young Yahoo boys are now being toasted to fly to Malaysia to sell their kidney and make quick, clean and quite money.

However, if only the money is that easy to make, it would have been better because informed sources have revealed that it is a common thing to find Yahoo boys storming Malaysia saying they are traveling without their parent’s knowing what the trip is all about and most times it is basically to go and sell their Kidney. Last week Thursday, it was weeping and wailing in the family house of a resident of Ojodu Berger, as investigation revealed that a certain youngman who just returned from Malaysia had just lost his life. Initially, it was a big shock to the family of the deceased, as they wondered what could have led to the death of the young promising chap who was hale and hearty just a week before. However, medical investigation by the family proved that he had actually been involved in an operation and it was only when the family of the deceased pressured one of his close friends that he revealed what had actually transpired.

While this might be shocking, it is indeed true because not less than ten yahoo boys have reported dropped dead from the knife of the surgeon, as a result. Reacting on the issue which seems to be on the rise, a medical doctor who attended to the deceased when he was brought to the hospital was reported to have revealed that although a normal human being has two Kidney, it is common knowledge that he can survive with one and this knowledge seems to be what is driving boys into this dastardly act all in the name of money. Speaking further, he revealed that for one who had undergone such a major operation some specific medications are prescribed while a lot of bed rest is also important.

However, typical of Yahoo boys, the moment they get into the country from their Malaysian trip, they simply embark on crazy fun, clubbing every day partying, buying cars and living some of the most reckless life styles. This stress has been attributed to the cause of death of most of these boys.  The case of the family residing in Ojodu was said to have elicited a lot of hue and cry as boys were seen chasing bike men as they mourned the deceased. Observers of the incident revealed that perhaps if the authorities of the Malaysian Embassy start asking questions before issuing visa to these young boys it will go along way in curbing this dastard situation. Concerned Nigerians have therefore urged Nigerian government and Nigerian Embassy in Malaysia to make spirited moves to stem the dangerous trend. Article by Lukmon Akintola, News of The People

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na  malaysia   wey  i  dey  before  .our  people  dey  suffer  there  very  much . if  some  one  do  that  kind  of  thing  ,no  blame   him  or  her .
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oga that is a blue and red lie.check your source of information correctly before be malay wey i dey nothin like that dey happen here.who wan pay you that kind money if at all dem dey do am here.oga na lieoooooo
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