Crying and Smiling wives (Page 14)

Published On: November 13, 2011, 10:31 pm
Author: lynn
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here wee r,languages Shocked Shocked Shocked
hop ur jolting down Grin Grin Grin

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dont gettttttttt
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i dont know ..
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To get d real ansa 2 ur question u most go out 4 research,visit homes, ask question den u cãn arive @ something ..I mean solution
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Quote from: Beauti4 on 14-11-2011 03:34AM
Married Women(WM) must take care of themselves even after married. You must always look your best. How can you look like Cinderella in your office then look like old granny when u get home? Plz get into the shower and freshen up. Even when u want to join him in bed, always look fresh. You don't have to look like a superstar but take good care of yourself.

Do not give 100% of your time to your children. Your husbands must continue to be the center of your life. See one day those children will grow up and move out but your marriage will not follow them. So spend quality time with your husbands. For example: If you r making love with him and your 2 months old baby was sleeping and then all of a sudden he started crying, you must not leave your husband to attain to the baby. Finish the Love-making with him first. But the baby's bed must be well secured.

Trust him to take care of your children, whether they are only 5 hours/days old. Even though he doesn't know how to change their diaper. If the baby is cryin in his arm, u must not take the baby unless he want u to.

Money do have wings and they may fly away from him today and he may fine another tomorrow. So you should always support him and never talk down on a man when he is financially bothered. Do not compare your marriage to other couples. If the bills are pile up, it means that your man is troubled so don't use that moment to tear him down with your mouth. Support him cover the bills o...

Surprise him, take him to a hotel, adore him, praise him, honor him, call him my little lord or whatever you like.

Appreciate him, real men don't show their love/feelings through words, they express it through actions. So learn how to understand your man. Say thank you. And define his hard work. Give him a beautiful comment on every little thing he does. IF your husband buy you a nice skirt, yeap, he just want you to wear it so that other men can be jealous of your sweet butts Grin so wear it and thank him with a nice comment.

Teach your children how to be responsible on the dining table. Your 5 yrs old boy should pour that milk inside his own cup while you pour it inside your husband's cup. Your children must not say: mom can you pass me the salt? He should know how to get the salt on his own.. It gives them sense of belongings not sense of controlling or they may get spoil.

Your husbands shouldn't be the only one to initiate sex play. You should also do it often. You don't do it to make him detect what's on your mind. Just do it. Let him see it in your eyes that you want him period but use some characteristics, styles, plays and techniques but they must all be cleared. And whenever you guys argue or fight, please do not punish him from touching you. I repeat, do not punish him from touching you....!

Support him and do not always suspect him in public because real man always look but they never attempts to touch. They will even look at your sister, mom, cousin, and friends' butt. Even your grannies  Grin  Grin so that must not bothered you or fight him when you all get home that night.

If you have been doing all these above, cleaning, cooking taking care of the kids and he does not show you any sign then stop cleaning, watching the dishes, don't even clean the floor. And when he ask you why, then you can tell him how much you want him to recognize the little contribution/effort to the family.

Your husband may not really know who he is or what he really want out life until maybe after few years of been your husband. Besides, he knew that you will help him become somebody tomorrow, so try to understand your husbands o....That's why its not good to jump into this Marriage thing o...cos its not a competition but a worthwhile lifestyle that you too must live to the fullest.

@Beautie, please, where can one find such a woman?
Many women expect their hubby to pull down the mountains and they are there just watching and spreading their legs in the night or day to produce a child or not, as if that is ALL that the man needs. He wants you to at least, put your hand in helping him to pull down the mountain, though his own energy, brain, plan and stake would be more, if he can. Thank you Beautie. It would be nice if the ladies hear should hear this and act accordingly without accepting to be second fiddle and non-contirbutor at home and expect to get a RIGHT.
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