celebrities react to fuel subsidy removal

Published On: January 7, 2012, 2:40 pm
Author: ayo ogundele
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Monalisa Chida (Actress)

“It should not be reversed, but the implementation should be done in phases of 50 per cent increment, rather than the 200 per cent that was done on January 1. Also, the refineries should be immediately revamped to optimum level of production to make the effect of the subsidy removal minimal on the masses.”

Cynthia Agbolor (Actress)

“It appears our government is confused and the best thing for them to do is to vacate their seats. They should provide for us accommodation, good roads, stable electricity, and other infrastructures before coming up with this subsidy removal of a thing. It is the height of wickedness.”

Adebayo Salami ‘Oga Bello’, former president of the Association of Nigeria Theatre and Arts Practitioners (ANTP)

“Government should not have removed fuel subsidy now. They should have considered the people they are governing before taking action. It is a bad timing. I heard that someone who claimed to be representing Nollywood was going about claiming that we artistes are in support of fuel subsidy removal. We never supported it. It is wickedness on the part of the government.”

CEO Mohits Records, Michael Elebeli Collins aka Don Jazzy,

“I hardly regret the decisions I make. That my one vote added to put the current government in power is one decision I regret with all my heart.

Bearing his mind further, the talented music producer said, “What I don’t know is, if the man we all voted for deceived us knowing [that] he would turn out to be like this or is there someone else leading us? May God help us. “God knows that the government has not given Mohits any kobo like I have always said. I am boldly putting [it] out here for anyone to contest. We all voted for the President Jonathan because at that time, we thought and believed he would be the one to move the country forward. My conscience is clear,” he stated.

Yemi Solade (Actor)

This fuel subsidy is a technical thing. It would have benefited Nigerians if it was well implemented. It may not be this year, but in years to come. It is wrong timing on the part of the government.

Bond Emeruwa, President, Directors Guild of Nigeria

“I don’t think Nigerians are ready for any subsidy removal now. There are many things to be done, not the fuel subsidy removal. There are other issues like power, security and so many things that require urgent attention. What do they mean by wanting to use the money for the subsidy to do other things? Can’t they remove the money from their own pocket? I learnt they budgeted 1.2 billion naira for the president’s feeding allowance ; can you imagine that? They are wicked!”

Lizzy Anjorin (Actress)

“Our leaders are just being wicked. Why remove the subsidy at this time of year when people are still trying to get their priorities right? It is bad.”

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very bad and wicked.......i hate this wickedness.....they should resign
-- aycena (m) at 7-01-2012 03:27PM
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why remove subsidy when innocent people are dying from fanatics, others are hungry, no jobs for millions, no stable power supply, no good roads etc
why not pick one of our problems in Nigeria mr president and improve it
we all know that the proceed from subsidy removal will only end up in the personal bank accounts of few in Government
-- giftmurphy (f) at 7-01-2012 11:18PM
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-- sarah555 (f) at 8-01-2012 12:40AM
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-- Beauti4 (f) at 8-01-2012 01:14AM
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I knew that Johnathan was up to something.... He is a bunch of pretenders.
-- omenife (m) at 8-01-2012 05:45AM
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no time is better fellow nigerians. i bet u, nigerians evn DON JAZZY wll one day confess that Goodluck is d best. well every 1 has his or her own view. na my view b dis. i dn waka comot here.
-- Ecto (m) at 8-01-2012 06:19AM
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BASELESS Agurments about SUBSIDY. ALL NIGERIA needs is HONEST Leadership.

Who say Nigeria will crash if our vast resources is well managed even with the OIL SUBSIDY?

The few rich must not be allowed to comtinue cheating the masses. It is not done anywhere in the world.

LET THE REVOLUTION FOR GOOD BEGIN NOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-- Ecto (m) at 8-01-2012 06:22AM
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-- chicanorose (f) at 8-01-2012 06:44AM
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Only God can see us tru inn dis country

-- Hollandear (m) at 8-01-2012 07:09AM
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-- williams100 (m) at 8-01-2012 08:44AM
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ONLY those,who can see beyond their nostrils and not cogitate with their anus will know that something is definitely wrong with the subsidy removal.....
The govt better re-instate the subsidy or better yet,come up with incentives and welfare packages that will benefit the masses.
Once again,almighty USA still provides subsidies through tax incentives or food stamps though they have strict laws against fraudsters and their governments are reasonably accountable and can be changed reasonably freely and fairly....

I,said GEJ and his administration should solve this mathematics for me;

what valid proof can they offer me that their legendary foolishness and paramount brinkmanship of stupidity = 0.......??
-- williams100 (m) at 8-01-2012 09:04AM
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I thought diesel in the country wasn't subsidised??for many years now,where is the money generated from the removal of subsidy on diesel??what are/have been the applicable uses of these funds in the country??could the money be in their pocket??or perhaps stashed somewhere like swiss canton bank(switzerland)??......or where??
-- williams100 (m) at 8-01-2012 09:06AM
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I thought diesel in the country wasn't subsidised??for many years now,where is the money generated from the removal of subsidy on diesel??what are/have been the applicable uses of these funds in the country??could the money be in their pocket??or perhaps stashed somewhere like swiss canton bank(switzerland)??......or where??
-- williams100 (m) at 8-01-2012 09:08AM
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The NNPC is unable to account for some USD6.5 million worth of crude daily. In a continued display of fraud and secrecy, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, on Monday failed to account for 65,000 barrels of the 445,000 barrels of crude oil allocated to it daily.

The Group Managing director of the NNPC, Austine Oniwon, told the senate committee investigating the management of Nigeria’s fu...el subsidy that he was ignorant of the whereabouts of 65,000 barrels out of the 445,000 barrels of crude allocated to the corporation daily.

Mr. Oniwon explained that the NNPC entered into a swap deal – crude for refined PMS - with three refineries 210,000 barrels per day while 170,000 is refined by local refineries daily.

Duke Oil, a subsidiary of NNPC gets a swap deal worth 90,000 barrels per day, while Transfigura UK and SIR, an Ivorian refinery with a refining capacity of 80,000 bpd, gets 60,000 barrels per day each.

The NNPC GMD added that local refineries – Warri and Port Harcourt – get 80,000 barrels and 90,000 barrels per day respectively.

Mr. Oniwon could not however account for the utilization of the balance of 65,000 barrels per day - crude oil worth USD6.5 million (N1.033 billion) daily and USD195 million (N31.005 billion) monthly.

When probed by the lawmakers, the GMD who admitted that NNPC had gained up to N2.157 trillion from the subsidy scheme since 2006 also failed to give an account of the volume and value of PMS it receives in return for its various swap deals.

“Definitely, it (volume of PMS received in exchange for a barrel of crude) is available but I don’t have the figures to give you,” Mr. Oniwon told the lawmakers.

The GMD could not also give the name of an oil company he had earlier, the previous week, claimed was indicted for declaring products it did not import.
-- williams100 (m) at 8-01-2012 09:09AM
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CAN these people really lead NIGERIA...??
-- williams100 (m) at 8-01-2012 09:21AM
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Many nations of the world subsidised their oil sector heavily e.g algeria($0.41=65 NGN),bahrain($0.27=42NGN),bolivia($0.54=85NGN),brunei($0.39=61NGN),
kuwait($0.224=35NGN),libya($0.17=27NGN),venezuela($0.023=3NGN) and a host of other nations.take a good look at the exchange rate in naira of how these nations subsidize their oil per liter.The so called goodluck administration,some now even call it badluck administration, decided to remove the fuel subsidy without seeking clarity from the masses or putting the welfare of the masses into a thorough consideration.A nation where more than 85% of her nationals lives,wallow and rubble in abject poverty and said to live with less than 2 dollars a day,happens to be below their myopic eyesights and weak brain(s).removal of fuel subsidy can only be accepted by the masses if there is a payraise(salary),evaluation/appreciation of the naira currency,the subsidisation of the agricultural sector and lots more.....
Today,many countries in europe have limited resources and others hadly have one.
A country like the netherlands,in europe is the world 3 largest agricultural exporter behind usa and france.the netherland annual profit from agriculture totals about 55billion dollars or more yearly.which is approximately 8.250 trillion naira yearly in the nigerian currency i.e if we peg the dollar at 150.(what about the technological and other sectors of the netherland??)nigeria in terms of land size/mass,area covered per square kilometres should be nearly 8times larger than the netherlands,nigeria is about, total area: 356,667 sq mi (923,768 sq km),while netherland is about 41,526 sq km (16,033 sq mi)now tell me how on earth is a country like netherland able to become the world third largest agricultural exporting economy given the fact that if the entire nation of netherland is placed 8times together will give you the entire state of nigeria......??Thailand has been, and is still the world largest rice exporting nation earning several billions of dollars annually from rice export alone.
                                                      BACK TO NIGERIA
According to NNPC, Nigeria produces 2.4 million barrels of crude oil per day as a current figure but as per say,lets peg a barrel of oil to be 90 dollars shall we?(in OPEC).approximately 2million barrels is been exported with the latter for the nations refining and consumption.let's solve mathematics here shall we?? 2.0x90=180million dollars that nigeria earn per day from oil.in 30days, which is in a month,nigeria will have about 180x30=5.400billion dollars in a month now on annual basis(yearly),Nigeria will have 5.400x12months=64.80billion dollars which is roughly 9.720trillion naira,(i.e,should we get to peg the dollar to 150).don't think about the money fellas cause it may sprain your brain such amount of money is possessed only by a handful such as bill gate,warren buffet etc....
Now,we all know that our annual budget fiscal deficit for a year or every year is staggering around 3-4trillion naira and nigeria make close to 10trillion naira yearly from only oil sales alone.what about her other sectors??please,peeps let's all ask our govt where is the remaining 6trillion naira??in Nigeria's central bank??world bank??if so,why can't they take out some scrap of reasonable funds from the remaining excesses and make tangible use of it in the country??the least GEJ and his administration could come up with,was to remove the fuel subsidy.that speaks so much of their nefarious habit,erroneous/porous cogitation faculty which is nothing but solely based on destructive logic,and its so much for the purpose of goodluck been the president.

I can't continue any further lamentation so i rest my case...... Sad Sad

          I am however,subject to correction and improvisation therefore employ discretion where possible............
-- williams100 (m) at 8-01-2012 09:32AM
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Venezuela is still one country that caught my attention seriously..she is said to have 15 good operating refineries and yet she still subsidise her fuel to the core;venezuela($0.023=3NGN)....a liter of fuel in venezuela is 3 naira isn't that amazingly wonderful..Huh?
BUT NIGERIA,.......Huh?

If i say i nor dey shame for nigeria i dey lie ooooooooooooooooooooooooo Angry Angry Sad
-- mary2011 (f) at 8-01-2012 10:49AM
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its definately wrong, my husband just said, he is tired of how the big man just 2 busy thicken their pockets, rather then jus simply gvg nigeria clean water, constant electricity just 2 name afew.. My husband and i came home to nigeria last year with our 4 children, it was an eye opening, people are wonderful and friendly despite all hardship, it gave a good teaching 2 our 2 boys as its their 1st time home, i do miss it, but i pray the politican wil make nigeria better cuz nigeria hv alot of resources.. May God save nigeria
-- youngrashy (m) at 8-01-2012 11:33AM
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