I Weep 4 My Nigeria & Africa Heading Towards Great Civil War

8 years ago by: ahmed nda
-- (m) at 23-01-2012 02:52PM

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Are we really ready or ripe for civil war, angry, divided, fed up with abuse?
The desire for a civil war, something so many want in Nigeria, have waited for, has allowed them, the government, the people, to become what they fear most, slaves in their own nation.

Nigeria isn't Libya. It has a population 15 times that of Libya.

Nigeria is Africa. Saving Nigeria was vital to world stability, something only a select few know.

Destroying Nigeria was vital to world entropy, something only a select few know also.

As we speak, plane-loads of bomb detection equipment is coming in from the same people who built the car bombs in the first place.

War is being planned with the help of those who organized and armed the enemy.

Enough people were there who remember it all being laid out, how it would be done.

And the terrorizing of the Africa continent and the rest of the world, by the scummy europeans continues with a black-faced cracker barrage insane OBAMA leading the invasion by the neo-colonist forces of white supremacy back into Africa again.