Central Bank Governor Sanusi endorses Boko Haram

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Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria has demonstratively but indirectly declared his support for the activities of the Nigerian islamist extremists 'Boko Haram'. In his interview with the Financial Times, Mr Sanusi explained that the marginalization of the northern states in the distribution of Nigeria's wealth has a directly link to the emergence of Boko Haram.

This incident happens just as Nigerians were still trying to understand and digest the criterion issued by Northern Leaders Assembly, the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) demanding a no-assault, arrest or attar ck of the members of the Islamic extremist sect, 'Boko Haram'.

Mr Sanusi further maintained, in quote

"When you look at the figures and look at the size of the population in the north, you can see that there is a structural imbalance of enormous proportions. Those states simply do not have enough money to meet basic needs while some states have too much money.
"The imbalance is so stark because the state still depends on oil for more than 80 per cent of its revenues," said Sanusi.
The FT, in a further analysis of the issue yesterday, wrote: "Nigeria has made little headway raising taxes for example from agriculture, which accounts for 42 per cent of GDP. Northern Nigeria's economy has traditionally depended on the government more than the south. Many of the industries set up as part of earlier efforts to promote national balance have gone bust or been sold off during a decade of liberal market reforms, power shortages and infrastructure collapse.
"According to official figures, the leading oil producing state, Rivers, received N1,053 billion between 1999 and 2008 in federal allocations. By contrast the Northeastern states of Yobe and Borno, where the Boko Haram sect was created, received N175bn and N213bn respectively. Broken down on a per ca pita basis, the contrast is even starker. In 2008 the 18.97m people who lived in the six states in the north-east received on average N1,156 per person.
"By contrast Rivers state was allocated N3,965 per ca pita, and on average the oil producing South- South region received on average N3,332 per ca pita. This imbalance is compounded when the cost of an amnesty programme for militants in the delta is included together with an additional 1 per cent for a special development body for the Niger Delta. To boot, the theft of oil by profiteers in the region diverts tens of millions more weekly from federal coffers."


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Boko haram is a tool which the northern elite are using for their drive to lord it over their wives (south). SLS is only trying to advance the northern agenda further by suggesting their next indecent demand to Nigeria.
Like Oga beaf would say, they shld hold their LGA and state govt responsible instead of this miserable revenue cry. If any change is suppose to come into the revenue allocation formular, it shld be favouring the south south (SS) and no where else. Let yuguda and co. reduce their personal aides from 1000+ to less than 50.

This Day
The question is, why did Sanusi spend so much time and energy attacking the economic fortunes of the oil-producing states of the Niger Delta region while saying little or nothing about the atrocities of Boko Haram? Why should Sanusi plead the 13 percent derivation accruing to the oil-producing states of the Niger Delta region, the expenditure on the amnesty programme for former Niger Delta militants and the budget of the Niger Delta Development Commission as the prima facie reasons for the emergence of the Boko Haram group when the group itself has never pretended that its mission is economic?

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Sanusi Lamido Sanusi. Please i will advice you to send some of ur open minded men to the East. Let them get the manual on how the people pushed themselves to where they re now 42 years after the civil war. Anambra for example. Your ppl are poor becos of the mindset and possibly the way islam is preached there. where u the elites support begging and the rest. Please advice ur ppl to roll their sleeves and get dirty. How do u support polygamy even when the person doesnt have the resources to take care of the children. All the so called almajiris, do they not have parents??? If u say the north is shortchanged, what do  say of states like Anambra, Enugu. have they taken up arms??? Your people are lazy, ur religion and your elites also doesnt help the matter. Please leave Oyeel out of it. When groundnut never dey ppl no dey chop goat poo.

Better advice your ppl to look inwards and develop their inner talents. Nnewi ppl in Anambra is doing that and its already spreading to all parts of the state. Very soon that state will start producing virtually everything just like Aba in abia state.

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As for Sanusi, I don't think we should crucify him outrightly. He didn't say the north should be getting more FROM OIL. He only acknowledged that the north is living way below standard based on available information. The reason for this is up for debate but I posit it is largely due to the irresponsibility of past and present Northern leaders who lacked foresight. They refused to develop their own abundant resources while plundering the south of theirs. The situation has even been made worse with vices like the retrogessive almajiri culture which denies their young minds the opportunity to be useful to themselves and their people. They have brought it upon themselves!

malos learn
Submitted by sultanofsokoto (not verified) on January 29, 2012 - 17:18.

The sad part of all this is, the average malo believes and sees the likes of sanusi as their leaders. Remlnds me of "Animal Farm". Quran verses will put food on your tables or better still the northern leapers forum. I beg carry ona bad market go!

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ok na .............na dem sabi
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Quote from: jublow on  2-02-2012 03:55 PM
ok na .............na dem sabi

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this sanusi of a man is working for the north
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From the OP
"The imbalance is so stark because the state still depends on oil for more than 80 per cent of its revenues," said Sanusi.

Is this true?
More than 80%?
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- nemaco2005 at 6-07-2012 03:35 AM (8 years ago)
As for the northerners, there is no need of working hard when ALLAH keep 100 virgin for each person in heaven, all the food and cars are available there, Wear the BOMB and die off !!!
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
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This is the crab of the century. I agree that boko haram exists. And Boko Haram came into being through the conspiracy of both government and CAN. Nothing more.

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