1. Baye77 on: England-Based Footballer, Mikel Obi Promotes Ya..
    Imagine... Bello of people... I'm not surprised sef, u are in the UK, u don't know what .. (1 hour ago)
  2. Mascotosha on: Take Care of Your Skin Before FG Bans Snapchat ..
    You're a so rich that your brain has degenerated to nothing. Idiot (1 hour ago)
  3. Mascotosha on: REVEALED! How Twitter Rejected Nigerian Govt’s ..
    Banned tweeter permanently (1 hour ago)
  4. Sameola1 on: APC National Leader, Tinubu Allegedly Flown Abr..
    I beg to disagree. It's the bad news that Buhari broke about zoning that hit him like a thund.. (3 hours ago)
  5. Boi2Man on: PHOTO: Indian Man Known As Father Of The ‘World..
    You try die! Go ye unto the world and multiply. You follow the instructions (4 hours ago)