1. Patode on: Invest Now, There’s No Sympathy For Broke Celeb..
    Very true. (2 hours ago)
  2. smart61 on: Nollywood Actress, Uche Ogbodo Flaunts Her Baby..
    The pregnancy doesn't look real. It looks like pregnancy belt won around her waist. (6 hours ago)
  3. smart61 on: Ben Bruce Asks FG To Ban Petrol Powered Car By ..
    Soon petrol cars will be history. Electric cars are already being manufactured on high scales. Wit.. (6 hours ago)
  4. gogoman on: My Wife Has Sleepless Nights Trying To Improve ..
    lol (7 hours ago)
  5. gogoman on: Linda Ikeji Allegedly Was Dating Duke And Jerem..
    no be woman  ::) ::) ::) (7 hours ago)