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  1. Dopybadass on: Bobrisky Rushed to The Hospital Due to Complica..
    Bob take it easy please,this life no get part two oh (3 minutes ago)
  2. constigoldo on: New Tribe Has Emerged In The North Known As 'No..
    This is not funny.  It is high time you people started preparing to come back home. (3 minutes ago)
  3. constigoldo on: Turkey-Based Nigerian Man Found Inside A Bottle..
    ::) ::) ::) :: (5 minutes ago)
  4. constigoldo on: President Buhari Has Done Well & Deserves A..
    What is your definition of done well when the whole country is on fire and people are dying of hun.. (7 minutes ago)
  5. kacylee on: Celebity Is a Curse Sometimes - Mofe Duncan La..
    u too keep ur talks to ya self ::) (47 minutes ago)