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  1. Baye77 on: "Child Born Out Of Rape Is Entitled To Sel..
    The world really needs to start taking rape cases seriously (24 minutes ago)
  2. Baye77 on: Senate Pushes For Ban Of Importation Of Textile..
    Correct (27 minutes ago)
  3. Baye77 on: “Ike’s Sexiness Died The Minute He Left Big Bro..
    Plagiarism  ::) (28 minutes ago)
  4. Baye77 on: Lagos Based Chinese Swindler David Chang Declar..
    Find him...make him pay...jail him! (30 minutes ago)
  5. Baye77 on: Do Not Re-Open Borders - Poultry Farmers Beg Pr..
    Keep the borders closed. (32 minutes ago)

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