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1  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Girl Brutally Killed by Boyfriend in Lagos Today!!! on: 10-12-2011 12:53AM
A friend mailed this to me not so long ago. This story is so touching and I wonder what state her parents would be now.

She was killed today in Lekki Lagos by her Boy Friend just because she didn’t tell him she was going to a Pool Party!

That idiot  who did this needs to pay for this. RIP…Everyone has their life to live and if going to a pool party is what she wants why not?

2  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Again!! Another Nigerian To Be Execute In Vietnam By Firing Squad on: 1-05-2011 05:19AM
Quote from: stankydessy on 30-04-2011 08:23PM
Quote from: AJALA on 30-04-2011 11:30AM
Quote from: mimibre on 30-04-2011 11:15AM
@Ajala wat!!! Jesus! I can believe dis happenin how? When? Where?

In Germany, a 28yrs old white lady. The family and the stadt are still trying to save her life.


u too shut da phyuk up..wat do u mean they shud stop issuing visas to Nigerians?? was visas issued for the purpose to traffic drugs?? the law has been there nd would continue to be there after this victim...its very simple, if u cnt abide to the law, dont come over to another mans country to traffic drugs..stay in ur country nd do it..

though i feel bad abt the victim..May God help him
3  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Again!! Another Nigerian To Be Execute In Vietnam By Firing Squad (Page 3) on: 1-05-2011 05:06AM
Quote from: giftmurphy on 30-04-2011 07:38PM

mr man, what re u talking abt? before the guy went to vietnam, was he not informed or aware of the consequences of traffickin drugs??

have u ever experience what these guys do when they get to nigeria? they make other foreign nigerians looks like they went outside to play..the rubbish money, spends in excess after traffickin drugs...why re u crying over the disadvantage?? nd u ejoy the advantage..

since hes caught and guilty, he shud face the consequences and this wud serve as a warnin to any other nigeria out there who wish to embark on same illegal business.
4  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Ghanian Prophet predicts earthquake will wipe out the world in Nov on: 20-04-2011 06:10PM
Quote from: divineproject on 20-04-2011 03:45PM
lol, you don dey speak in tongues by force.......

5  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Taye Taiwo Builds 3 Billion Naira Hotel in Lagos on: 20-04-2011 02:25PM
Where someone is crying sorrowfully, someone else is having a good hearty laughter. This expression aptly describes the mood of things as regards the sad story you read about our good brother, Olugbemga James and this one you are about to read concerning Super Eagles of Nigeria left full back and Olympic Marseille of France star, Taye Taiwo, as the happy-go- lucky fellow has concluded plans to erect a 300 million naira hotel in his neighbourhood, Igando area of Lagos. The guy who had a humble beginning at Isheri Olofin axis of the city which is not too far from Magodo, has decided to put back his hard-earned money to use at the community which produced him.

Street Hits was told that works have already started on the multi0million naira hospitality haven. He is said to have also acquired a building in the area and also bought some parcel of land very close to the building in order to expand the already existing property. Taye Taiwo's childhood dream of becoming a hotelier is fast coming to pass as he is sparing no cost in ensuring that the hotel will become one of the best hotels in the city. He is said to have ordered for the fittings from his base in France and Italy while the interior decoration will be handled by Israeli and Italian interior decor experts. A masterpiece of the design of the hotel in its miniature form is already with Taye Taiwo and he has been going about informing people that he can't wait to get the hotel project

Interestingly, his mum, who now lives big as a result of her fervent prayers for her son, who has made good money in Europe through soccer, has refused to retire as she still maintains her shop where she sells household items around Isheri Olofin roundabout.

No Wonder He Rejected N700M/Annum Salary At Ferbanahce

Source: news of the people
6  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / I Don’t Know How To Cook – Osaze on: 20-04-2011 02:22PM
Osaze Odemwingie may be cooking up a storm in the Premier League but his meal-making skills are a recipe for disaster.
Since his arrival in the Midlands the Nigerian striker has served up a real treat on the pitch for Albion fans.

But in the kitchen the 29-year-old has struggled to adapt.

There were signs last month that the former Lokomotiv Moscow forward was starting to look burnt out after a hectic summer and pre-season.

However, he produced a sizzling display with two goals in the 3_2 win over Blackpool last weekend to silence any doubters.

After dishing up the tasty performance, Odemwingie revealed that the night before he had successfully cooked his first ever meal.
Frustrated with his lack of culinary skills the eight_goal hitman reached boiling point and decided that things needed to change.

So he connected with his Moscow_based mum, Raisa, over the internet who took him through a visual step_by_step guide to help him make his dinner.

“I cooked last week on Skype with my mum,” he said
“I was showing her the pot, it’s a type of fried rice.

“It’s not so easy to complete, it’s quite a complicated dish, there’s a few tricks in it. That’s why I had my mum on stand by.
“She was on Skype telling me every second what I had to do.
“It was good, I was surprised.

“It’s something new for me. I think a man needs to sometimes be ready to look after himself.
“In a way I think you can impress people, it is not a usual thing when a boy makes a nice meal.”

Odemwingie admitted that it was a rewarding feeling to finally complete his first_ever meal. He usually has it easy as, after training each day, his meals are laid on at the Albion training ground.

But the Russian_born Nigerian international admits he has now got the bug – not least because his turn with the pots and pans signalled a quick change in furtune.

Before last Saturday the forward had gone four games without scoring and missed a crucial penalty against Manchester United.
He also had a bad day at the Reebok Stadium when Bolton beat Albion 2_0, missing three gilt_edge chances.

He was always confident he would be back among the goals after a blisteing start to his Albion career.

7  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / If OBJ Visits Me, I Will Pour Hot Water On Him - Mimiko’s Mother on: 20-04-2011 02:17PM
At 80, she looked quite young, displaying an agility that was contagious. SEYE ADENIYI, KEHINDE OYETIMI and SAHEED SALAWU relate an interaction with the mother of the Ondo State governor, Mrs Muinat Mimiko, where she was set to vote during last Saturday’s parliamentary election in Ondo town.

All around showed that age was everything but disadvantageous to her. There was no grovelling police escort around her. Clad in the typical police attire, the lady beside her looked too comfortable to be her aide. They both chatted away like mother and daughter.  At a point mama took the umbrella from the aide and held it as she went on an errand. She took cheers from people around her. She asked after each one’s welfare. The laughter that emanated from her end was deep and sincere. She looked so amiable that it was difficult not to desire an interaction with her. Without the usual fear of being harassed, people—the old, young crowded around her.

When Life and Living approached her, she was very elated that the media would talk to her. Her friends who would not have stayed up till then were urged by her to stay behind as she spoke to Life and Living. When asked what it was like to be the mother of the Ondo State governor, she replied that it was most fulfilling. She quickly added that she would never forget the day she sat in front of her TV and watched the court return the mandate of her son. “I would never forget that day. I was in my house in front of the television when the judge gave his ruling. My son was so happy that he bowed his head to the ground in thanks to God. I shouted Halleluyah. I ate pounded yam, drank bottles of coca-cola; people came around to celebrate with me. We danced, we sang.”

Commenting on the life she has since led as the governor’s mother and what it was like when she was not, Mama Iroko as fondly called stated that there was a world of difference. “There is a world of difference. Every morning, I have scores and scores of guests. Some would come to announce their successes; others would come to relate their hardships and problems.

“We never expected that the court would give such ruling because the opposition in power had wanted to use the apparatus of government to cheat us; God showed that he was greater than them. Before then, he was always disturbed. He felt cheated and he felt the people of Ondo State were cheated. I usually told my son to be at peace that God was behind him.”

At a point, it was obvious that the memories she called back were throbbing. “That period was bad. The problems were so much that I didn’t realise when one of my sons, the elder brother of the governor took me away from Ondo town. I remember when OBJ and Agagu said their own fathers (not my son) defecated on themselves. Some people at the office came to me and told me that ‘Mama, we just heard that our boss (mimiko) defecated on the chair.’ I told them to relax that there was no cause for alarm. OBJ was responsible for the transfer of my son’s mandate to Agagu.

“I saw OBJ when he came to campaign in Akure. There were five people among those that came with him who lost their lives on that day. It was that day that he said my son defecated on the chair. It was not my son, OBJ was referring to his own father. When Yar’Adua was alive and in power, he never took sides with anyone when this case was in court. Yar’Adua stated that the election that brought him to power was rigged. Since Jonathan became president, he had never relegated my son to the background. It is just that they are not in the same political party.”

She did not hide her disgust for former President Obasanjo so much the more that she stated bitterly that “Should the trio of the late Yar’Adua, Jonathan and Obasanjo come visiting me, I would give Yar’Adua and Jonathan glasses of water. I would never give Obasanjo a glass of water; rather I would find a bowl of hot water and pour on him.”

It took quite some effort to change the topic of discussion. Though already 80 years old, she recollected what it was like raising Governor Olusegun as a child. “We knew when he was growing up that he would be great. It has always been difficult for anyone irrespective of their background to take what rightly belongs to the governor. When he was about 10 years old, whenever he was with his peers, he would stand up in their midst and tell the rest that ‘I am your doctor. All of you should bring your buttocks for injections.’

“He was very ambitious as a kid. He would tell my mother, who of course was his grandmother that ‘Mama, I would buy you a car. When you are unable to climb stairs, I would be there to assist you.’ Many years later, he came one day and said that he had bought the car.

“Today I remember how it was raising them up as children. I really suffered. I trained as a tailor. When I realised that being a tailor could not take care of my children, I became a food vendor for 12 years. I continued doing this until my children said it was enough. By that time, many of them had graduated. Since then they have been taking care of me.

“My husband was a great man. When there was no money, we went borrowing to train our children. But God had mercy on us because the governor and his elder brother were given scholarships.”
8  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / CONGRATS...JONATHAN WINS PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION MATHEMATICALLY on: 18-04-2011 08:15PM
• Clinches 25% or more in over 24 states

• Buhari wins 25% in more than 14 states

• Ribadu wins in Osun

• Shekarau gets no state

HAIL TO THE CHIEF!  This is the tune played to herald the appearance of the United States President at any public occasion and its first line is “Hail to the chief we have chosen for the nation.” The original line of this song, written by Sir Walter Scott, was “Hail to the chief who in triumph advances…”

For Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, both lines now ring true.

Last Saturday’s presidential election has gone down in the history of Nigeria in several respects: It has produced President Goodluck Jonathan as the nation’s fourth Executive President in the Fourth Republic.

In the First Republic, the late President Nnamdi Azikiwe, occupied the office in a ceremonial capacity.

Before him were former President Shehu Shagari (Second Republic), the Third Republic was botched by former Military President, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida, who annulled the June 12, 1993 presidential polls, believed to have been won by the late Moshood Abiola, Olusegun Obasanjo (Fourth Republic, which the late Umaru Musa Yar’Adua and the incumbent continued).

The election is also unique as it has been generally adjudged as the most peaceful, most transparent and well-organised polls, coming behind the Option A4 system of 1993.

It is also the most keenly contested race, especially between the leading candidates - Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC’s) Gen. Muhammadu Buhari.

In fact, results from across the states of the federation early yesterday narrowed the race to Jonathan and Buhari, until the full results came except in Taraba, which showed that Jonathan won convincingly but not a landslide victory.

At the last count, he had scored over 25 per cent in more than 24 states required by the constitution to be declared the winner of the election.

From the already received results from virtually all the 35 states of the federation, Jonathan maintained a comfortable lead, thereby ruling out a possible run-off. While the PDP won virtually in all the states in the South except in Osun State, where the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) presidential candidate, Malam Nuhu Ribadu topped, Buhari also held sway in the North, especially in the North-West and North-East geo-political zones. In states where the PDP was overwhelmed by the CPC in the North, Jonathan still clinched the mandatory 25 per cent, except in a few cases.

Jonathan has so far won in Abia, Adamawa, Akwa Ibom, Anambra, Bayelsa, Benue, Delta, Ebonyi, Edo, Ekiti, Enugu, Imo, Kwara, Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Oyo, Plateau, Rivers, and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Buhari won in Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, Jigawa, Kano, Katsina, Sokoto, Kaduna and Zamfara while Ribadu won only in Osun State.


In Abia State, Jonathan got I,175,984 of the 1,200,552 representing 99 per cent of the total vote cast.

Jonathan beat his closest rivals, Ribadu, who got 4,392 votes and Buhari, who recorded 3,743 votes.

The state Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC), Austin Okojie, said the ANPP recorded 1,455 votes, the PDC, 1026, and PPP 404.

Okojie, who said the polls were free, fair and devoid of rancour, thanked the people of the state for displaying maturity during the election.


Buhari had smooth ride in Jigawa State, where he polled 665, 994 votes to beat Jonathan who got 419, 252 votes.

At the INEC headquarters in Dutse yesterday, the election collating officer for the state, Prof. Jibrila Amin, the Vice Chancellor of the Federal University of Dutse, said the total votes cast was 1, 214, 774, adding that the total valid votes was 1, 140, 766.

A total of 74, 008 votes were declared invalid.

Though the CPC won the election, the PDP secured over 35 per cent of the total valid votes cast in the election in the state.

He said the ACN polled 17, 355 votes, ADC, 1, 746 votes, ANPP 7,673 and APS 1, 218 votes.

Others are ARP 675 votes, BNPP 3, 230 votes, Fresh Party, 2, 094 votes, HDP 682 votes, LDPN 472 votes, NPP 1,244 votes and NCP 1,047 votes.

Continuing, Amin said NNDP scored 2,241 votes, NTP 1,733 votes, PDC 593 votes, PNP 4,165, SDMP 624 votes and UNPD 1, 164 votes.

The voting in Jigawa was predominantly done along religious and ethnic bases as the votes at most of the polling units were chanting pro-Buhari jingles even at the polling units.

Most of the young people, who voted, did so along religious line. In some of the units visited by The Guardian across the state, the electorate, were urged not to vote for Christians, because “a vote for Jonathan is a vote for hell.”

The Resident Electoral Commissioner, Alhaji Ibrahim Bagobiri, said they were faced with some operational and logistics challenges as well as the omission of some names on the register.

Jonathan was declared winner of the election held in Ekiti State.

The Chief Collation Officer, Prof. Chinedu Nebo, said the PDP scored 135,981 votes to defeat Ribadu, who scored 116,891, Buhari (CPC) came a distant third with 2,689.

Other results as announced included: ADC 1,314, ANPP 1,482, APS 506, ARP 112, BNPP 94, Fresh 52, HDP 89 and LNPP 70. Others are MPPP 113, NCP 158, NMDP 134, NTP 129. PDC 821, PMP 596, PPP 520, SDMP 172, UNDP 817.


Jonathan also defeated Ribadu and Buhari in Benue State.

Declaring the results at the INEC headquarters in Makurdi, the state Returning Officer, Prof. Daniel Uza, stated that he polled 694,776 votes to defeat Ribadu, who scored 223,007 votes while Buhari polled 109,680 votes. Ibrahim Shekarau of the ANPP had 8,592 votes.

Uza said though 2,269,523 voted, the valid votes were 1,047,532, adding that 4,832 votes were rejected.

He declared the elections in Benue State met international standards.


The CPC swept the polls in Kano State, scoring 1,624,543 votes in the 44 councils of the state.

Buhari’s tally represents 59.172 per cent of the entire 2,673, 222 votes cast by the electorate.

INEC’s Returning Officer and Vice Chancellor of Bayero University, Kano, Prof. Abubakar Abdul-Rashid, announced the results yesterday in Kano.

Shekarau, the incumbent Governor of Kano State, came second, scoring 526,310 votes, representing 19.17 per cent of the total votes cast while Jonathan got 440,665 votes, representing 16.051 per cent of the total votes cast.

Ribadu scored 42,353 votes, representing 1.543 per cent of the total votes cast.

Abdul-Rashid said the election in Kunchi Local Councils were cancelled due to non-compliance with the electoral guidelines.

Nevertheless, he explained that the cancelled results did not affect the authenticity of the entire results of the Presidential election in the state.


Jonathan was the preferred candidate of the electorate in Kwara as he scored 268,243 votes to beat Buhari, who polled 83,603 votes. Ribadu received 52, 432 votes.

Jonthan’s votes in the state represents 61.62 per cent of the total 435,369 votes cast while Buhari had 19.2 per cent, and Ribadu 12.04 per cent.

INEC Collation Officer, Prof. Rasheed Aderinoye of the University of Ibadan, read the results after an open exercise witnessed by journalists and party agents at 8.45 a.m. on Sunday.

Aderinoye expressed his appreciation and that of the commission to members of the press, the foreign observers and party agents, who he said showed a big sense of responsibility and understanding during the exercise.


In the results released by the collation officer Prof. Ladipo Adamolekun, the PDP scored 387,376 votes ahead of his closest rival, Ribadu, who had 74,253.

Buhari received 11,890 while Shekarau got 6,741 votes.


It was a landslide for Jonathan in Delta State as he scored 1,378,851 votes of the 1,410379 valid votes. Jonathan, according to the Collating Officer, Prof. Abhulimen Richard Anao, a former Vice Chancellor of the University of Benin, the total votes cast was 1,43051 while 19,672 were declared invalid.

While thanking the people for their contribution to making the exercise free and fair, Anao who announced the result in Asaba, disclosed that the total registered voters in the 25 local councils stood at 2,134,601.

Ribadu, who came a distant second, polled 13,110 while Buhari came third with 8,960, and Shekarau scored 2,746.

Other results were ADC 361; APS 121; NRP 170; BNPP 193; Fresh 1595; LDP 174; NPPP 174; NCP 492; NNDP 170; NTP 194; PDC 1,209; PNP 822; PPP 630; SDNP 95; and UNPD-196.


The PDP also yesterday emerged the party with the highest number of votes in Oyo State.

Former Vice Chancellor of the University of Ibadan (UI), Prof. Olufemi Bamiro, who is the Returning Officer in the state, said Jonathan polled 484,758 votes to defeat Ribadu, who came a distant second with 252, 240 votes.

Buhari polled 92,396 votes Shekarau scored 7,156 votes.

Of the 863,544 total valid votes cast, Jonathan polled 56.14 per cent, Ribadu got 29.21 per cent; Buhari 10.70 per cent and Shekarau 0.83 per cent while 37,195 votes were voided.

The PDP won in 30 of the 33 local councils in the state while the ACN won in Atiba, Iseyin and Kajola local councils.

Of the 2, 680, 635 registered voters, only 900, 739 voters participated in the presidential election.


The Plateau State Returning Officer, Prof. Sonni Tyoden, who is also the Vice Chancellor of the University of Jos, has said the PDP scored 1,005,186 to beat CPC, which had 359,551, and ACN’s 10,191.


Jonathan also recorded a resounding victory in Edo State with 542,173 while his closest rival, Ribadu came a distant second, polling 54,242 while Buhari’s got 17,795.

Announcing the results yesterday, the Returning Officer, Vice Chancellor, Igbinedion University, Okada, Prof. Osagie Osaghae, said the ANPP got 2,174 while the Social Democratic Mega Party (SDMP) scored 81.)


President Jonathan of the PDP polled a total of 504, 811 votes in his home state out of 511, 634 votes cast, 4, 841 votes were voided.

According to the Public Affairs Officer of INEC in Bayelsa, Mrs. Imoudu-Sule, CPC got 691 votes while ACN received 370 votes.


Polling a total of 602, 057 votes, the PDP won 17 out of the 18 local councils in the state.

The result for the Boki Local Council was outstanding as at press time yesterday.

State Collation Officer and Vice Chancellor, University of Calabar, Prof. James Epoke, said the PDP scored over 90 per cent of the total votes cast.

Trailing the PDP in second place was the ACN with 4,808 votes while the CPC and the ANPP, recorded 3,715 and 2,314 in that order.

Total valid votes cast in the election was 616,337.

Epoke announced the cancellation of the election in Beecheba Ward Unit 007 at the Osinikpa playground in Obanliku Local Council, as some gunmen waylaid the INEC ad hoc staff in the area and snatched the election materials from them.


Vice President Namadi Sambo and Governor Patrick Yakowa failed to deliver the state to the PDP as the CPC emerged victorious in the presidential polls.

The CPC polled a total of 1,334,244 votes and narrowly defeated Sambo’s PDP, which received 1,190179 votes. ANPP scored 17,301. The total votes cast was 2,634,398.

For the second time in this year’s elections, Sambo lost his polling unit in Kaduna to the CPC.

The result at the vice president’s polling unit where a total of 672 voters were accredited is as follows:  PDP, 208; CPC, 435; ANPP, 1; ACN, 5, BNPP, 2; NMDP, 1; Fresh Party, 2,; PPP, 1; PDC, 2; and invalid votes, 7.


The PDP garnered 1,817,762 votes out of the total 1,854,116 valid ballot cast in Rivers State to emerge the winner of the presidential election.

Collation Officer and Vice Chancellor, University of Port Harcourt, Prof. Joseph Ajienka, reeled out the figures at the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) office in Port Harcourt yesterday.

The ACN and the CPC trailed the PDP with 16,382 and 13,182 votes in that order. The Hope Democratic Party (HDP) Presidential Candidate, Mr. Ambrose Owuru, scored 319 votes; ADC, 276; APS, 102; BNPP, 148; Fresh Party, 287; LDPN, 156; NCP, 253; MPPP, 99; NTP, 134; and PDC, 1,646.

The ANPP had 1,449 , PMP, 775; SDMP, 104; UMPD, 118 while the ARP, which had 93, scored the lowest out of the 20 political parties that contested for the presidential election in the state.

A total of 21,360 votes were voided in the polls.


President Jonathan of the PDP polled 1,165, 629 to defeat other three major political parties that contested in the election adjudged free, fair and credible by majority of voters in the state.

According to the results released to the media in Uyo by the INEC’s Collation Officer for the state, Prof. Comfort Ekpo, the ACN scored 54,148 votes while the CPC got 5,348 votes.


The CPC’s Buhari led the presidential elections in the state, with 337,537 votes. Governor Shekarau of the ANPP came second by scoring 143,179 votes, while President Jonathan of the PDP polled 117,128 votes.

According to the results announced at the Damaturu INEC headquarters by Prof. Muhammed Njida Gadzama, the ACN scored 6,609 in the polls.


Announcing the results at the INEC state headquarters, Ebonyi State Returning Officer, Prof. Egbeke Aja, disclosed that PDP polled a total of 480,592 votes; ANPP, 14,296; CAN,1,102; CPC, 1,025; People for Democratic Change, (PDC) scored 1,794 votes out of 515,463 votes cast.

Prof. Aja added that 12,573 votes were invalidated in the polls.

National Chairman, ANPP, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, lost at his New Market Square Polling Unit 003 in Obiozara Ward of Ohaozara Council to the PDP. The PDP polled 103 votes against ANPP’s 63 at the unit.


President Jonathan of the PDP scored 802,144 votes out of a total of 814,009 votes cast in the state.

The State Returning Officer and Vice Chancellor, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, , Prof. Bartho Okolo, who announced the result in Enugu yesterday, said Gen. Buhari of the CPC came second with 3,753 votes while People for Democratic Change (PDC), which is the leading opposition party in the state, came third with 2,642 votes.

he ACN polled 1,755 while the ANPP scored 1,111 in the presidential election conducted in 17 local councils of the state.


The CPC upstaged the ruling PDP in the polls according to the result announced yesterday by the State Coalition Officer, Prof. Muhammad A. Muhammad, at the INEC headquarters, Bauchi.    Muhammad announced that the CPC polled 1,315,209 votes; PDP, 258,404;  ACN, 16,674 and ANPP, 8,777.

The rest of the results is as follows: ADC, 599; APS-, 39; ARP, 319; BNPP, 2,694; FRESH, 1,378; HDP, 306; LDPM, 232; MPPP, 288; NCP, 640; NMDP, 609; NTP, 415; PDC, 1,235; PMP, 863; PPP, 796; SDMP, 134; and UMPD, 164

Total votes cast in the state were 1,650,459, out of which 40,365 were voided.


The presidential polls results announced by INEC yesterday in Adamawa showed that President Jonathan of the PDP led with a total vote of 508,314. CPC polled 344,526,while the ACN candidate, Ribadu, who hails from the state, received 29,145 votes.

While announcing the results, Returning Officer, Prof. Bashir Usman, said that the election was free and fair as it was conducted according to the provisions of the Electoral Act 2010.


The summary of the results released by INEC in the state showed that the PDP Candidate, President Jonathan, led with399, 816 votes. He was followed by Gen. Buhari of the CPC who polled 132, 201 votes.

Other results are as follows: ANPP, 16491; ACN, 6516; ADC, 595; APS, 347; ARP, 150; BNPP, 442; FRESH, 343; HDP:, 140; LDPN, 129; MPPP, 178; NCP, 603; NMDP, 341; NTP, 244; PDC, 1231; PMP: 972; PPP: 661; SDMP: 109; and UNPD: 272


The ACN Presidential Candidate, Ribadu, led the polls with 299,711 votes.

President Jonathan of the PDP came second with 188,409 votes followed by Gen. Buhari of the CPC, who recorded 6,997 votes.

Details of the result as announced by the state Collation Officer, Prof. Saburi  Adesanya, are as follows: ADC 5,172; ANPP,3,617; APS 513; ARP 300; BNPP, 267; Fresh Party, 219; HDP, 217; LDPN, 116; MPPP, 287; NCP, 378; NMDP, 323; NTP, 321; PDC, 1,268; PMP, 965; PPP, 1,285; SDMP, 614; and UNDP, 1,755.


The CPC led the presidential election, scoring 624,515 votes, according to the results announced by the Returning Officer cum Deputy Vice Chancellor (Administration), Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto, Prof. Idris Isa Funtua.

The PDP scored 238,980 votes; ANPP, 46,554 and the ACN, 17,970 votes.

A total of 36,643 of the votes were rejected out of the 979,322 cast.

The election was conducted peacefully in most parts of the state but witnessed low turnout.

The results indicated that the CPC won in 12 out of the 14 local councils while the PDP won in Anka and Bakura local councils.  The ACN and ANPP did not win in any council.

The results also showed that both the state governor, Aliyu Shinkafi and opposition leader, Senator Ahmed Sani Yerima Bakura lost their  local councils. While Shinkafi of the PDP lost his Shinkafi Local Council to the CPC, Yerima Bakura of the ANPP lost Bakura Local Council to the PDP.
9  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Re: Nigerian hottest girl of the week. on: 17-04-2011 10:11AM
hw could this ugly thing be hottest of d week?? shes not even hot my dear
10  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / 39 killed, 165 arrested during N’Assembly polls – INEC on: 15-04-2011 12:35AM
No fewer than 39 people were killed and 165 others arrested across the country during the National Assembly elections on Saturday.

Out of the 165 arrested people, 26 were held for being in possession of thumb-printed ballot papers or for attempting to snatch electoral materials. The remaining 139 were arrested for other forms of electoral offences

Among the arrested persons is the Aide-de-Camp to the Benue State Governor Gabriel Suswan, Olu Power. He was held for allegedly arresting security men who were on duty during the election in the state.

These details were contained in a paper titled, “List of electoral offences and arrest made during National Assembly elections,” which was made public by the Independent National Electoral Commission in Abuja on Wednesday.

According to the paper, five AK47 rifles, 2GB rifles, one Pump Action Guns, four live jackets, one smoke cannister and 18 launcher bullets are listed as exhibits against Power.

These were not part of the arms and ammunition recovered in other parts of the country during the elections.

Apart from Power, a deputy superintendent of police, two other policemen were arrested for various electoral offences. The policemen are Bala Mohammed and Inuwa Hassan.

While Mohammed was arrested for unlawful possession of firearms, Hassan was picked up for allegedly wearing the tag of the Congress for Political Change at a polling station where he disguised as the party’s agent.

The INEC paper also shows that two soldiers were arrested in the Federal Capital Territory for impersonation.

The suspects are Nnamdi Damian and Izuchukwu Nelly. They were allegedly arrested along Kubwa/Dutse Alhaji junction, Abuja in a bus wearing Labour Party tags.

In Ogun State, Mr. Fatai Akintanmbi, a lawmaker was arrested for the unlawful possession of thumb -printed ballot papers.

Also, three INEC adhoc staff were arrested in Bayelsa State for the illegal diversion of election materials.

Details further showed that five people died in Osun State.

According to INEC, no arrest has been made over the deaths in Osun. But it said that several empty shells of AK 47 were recovered.

In Niger State, 11 persons were killed during a bomb explosion while the same number of persons were also wounded.

The commission also stated that 22 persons were killed in Borno State. They include five policemen; an officer of the Federal Road Safety Commission; and a chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party in an unnamed local government.

Most of the killings in the state were attributed to the activities of the Boko Haram sect. The report claimed that the commission recovered one stolen AK 47 rifle.

In Kebbi State, one Umaru Suleiman, was also reportedly killed. The commission also claimed that 23 other persons were injured during the elections.
11  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Aliko Dangote is the African most richest man on Earth on: 13-04-2011 09:57AM
The Nigerian businessman's fortune surged 557% in the past year, making him the world's biggest gainer in percentage terms and Africa's richest individual for the first time. The catalyst was listing Dangote Cement, which integrated his investments across Africa with his previously public Benue Cement; it now accounts for a quarter of the Nigeria Stock Exchange's total market cap. Already the continent's biggest cement maker, he has plants under construction in Zambia, Tanzania, Congo and Ethiopa and is building cement terminals in Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast and Liberia, among other places. Dangote, who recently bought himself a $45 million Bombardier aircraft for his birthday, has been shuttling back and forth to London for months, in anticipation of a public offering there later this year. Dangote began his career as a commodities trader; built his Dangote Group into conglomerate with interests in sugar, flour milling, salt processing, cement manufacturing, textiles, real estate, and oil and gas.
12  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Jonathan VS Ribadu on: 13-04-2011 09:46AM
BY LEKE ADESERI,  Regional Editor, S/west
THE battle for the about 15 million votes from the South-West is a straight fight between the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

The two parties during the campaigns adopted strategies they believed would better their lot in the region.

The South-West zone, according to a political analyst, is expected to be one of the deciding battlefields in next Saturday’s polls.

This is because: despite its loss of senatorial and House of Representatives seats to the rival ACN in five states of Lagos, Oyo, Ogun, Osun and Ekiti, the PDP still remains a formidable political party in the region.

Lagos, with its six million registered voters, is however a major determinant, which explains why President Jonathan, of recent doubled his visit to Lagos. He has been courting all categories of eligible voters.

The candidate who gets majority of Lagos votes will eventually triumph in the  South_West, and it seems to be in favour of the incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan and possibly the ACN candidate, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu.

The ACN can rightly lay claim to the state and may also deliver it for its candidate, especially if its leadership does not agree to play ball with the presidency.

But the issue in this zone is that even if PDP fails to achieve substantial success in the state, it must, as a matter of necessity, win other states in the zone to have an edge over its main challengers.

The ruling PDP is facing internal crisis in some states, especially Ogun and Oyo states, and this, among other issues according to some political pundits would give opposition parties the opportunity to engage the PDP from the states during the coming general elections.

However, the chairman, House Committee on Information, Security and Strategy in the Oyo State House of Assembly, Olatunde Jinadu, recently told journalists that in spite of the crisis that rocks PDP in the state, no other party can withstand the ruling PDP in the upcoming elections.

Jinadu said: “I am not speaking for any other state, but I’m sure that here in Oyo State, the PDP will have a landslide victory. The outstanding performance of Governor Adebayo Alao_Akala since assuming the mantle of leadership in the state will make victory certain for our party,” he said.

However, going by the results of the National Assembly elections, Jinadu can be said to have seriously miscalculated and President Jonathan seems not to be deceived which has propelled him to double his efforts behind the scene.
13  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / End of the Road for human parts dealers on: 11-04-2011 05:19PM
It was indeed an odd hour. The expectation by the suspects was that they had perfected their strategies to smuggle human parts from Kebbi State through Minna to Gwagwalada in the Federal Capital Territory at about 3am last Monday. Unfortunately for them, nemesis caught up with them.

Last Monday, eight suspects, including five non- Nigerians, were rounded up at the Chanchaga end of Minna, the state capital along Minna – Paiko road by the Police.

The suspects were said to be driving on top speed in a bid to beat a police checkpoint but they were eventually forced to a halt.

When asked to subject themselves for the routine check, the suspects decided to play games with the police who uncompromisingly insisted on searching them. The uncompromising stance of the police eventually paved way for the shocking discovery.

After carrying out a check on the suspects and the car without any incriminating exhibits found on them, the policemen insisted on checking the boot of the car. The suspects initially resisted but after insistence by the police, they succumbed.

In the box which was brought out from the boot of the car were parts of a male human body neatly parked.

The suspects were heading for Gwagwalada to deliver the “good” to a 41-year-old herbalist, Adamu Jibrin Mokwa.

Five of those arrested are Abdulkadir Audu, Isah Mammam who is the driver of the vehicle, Dogo Haruna, Sadi Dogobi and Hamisu Abdullahi, all of Benin Republic nationals.

Others are Atiku Maiturari and Abdullahi Gwandu from Kebbi State.

After an on-the-spot interrogation by the police at the checkpoint, the suspects were taken to the Police Headquarters Minna for further interrogation.

One of the suspects, Abdullahi Gwandu confessed to the police that he actually had a business deal with Atiku Maiturari to convey his guests to Gwagwalada to deliver some goods.

He said he did not resist the offer since he thought it was a normal business engagement.

Asked whether he knew the content of the box found in the boot of the car, Abdullahi said he only knew it was a package of assorted meat but did not even bother to ask or find out the exact type of meat.

One of the suspects also confessed to how they came about the human parts. He said a Fulani dead body was exhumed after which the needed parts were dissected from the main body before they headed for their destination — Gwagwalada.

Reacting to the development, the state police spokesman, ASP Richard Oguche described the act as barbaric, adding that investigation into the matter was still on.

He promised that all those involved would be fished out and made to face the law no matter how highly placed such people are in the society.

ASP Oguche promised that those involved will be charged to court immediately after Police have concluded their own investigations.

The herbalist, Adamu Jibrin Mokwa, had during interrogation also confessed that Atiku Audu had actually contacted him to embark on a special prayer for the successful actualisation of his political ambition and promised to pay him N2 million for the prayers.

He however denied having a fore knowledge of whether some human parts would be sent to him for the prayers.

The PPRO stated that the suspects have also confessed that they are mere agents to their master who is resident in Birnin Kebbi, adding that they are ready to lead the police to Kebbi State.

Oguche called on members of the public not to see the police checkpoints in the country from negative perspectives, pointing out that they have succeeded in trapping down deadly armed robbers and other criminals at various check points across the country during which stolen vehicles and other properties worth million of naira were recovered.

He said rather than attack the police for mounting check points, they should be complemented and necessary co-operating given them when duty calls for the normal routine check. By so doing, he said, members of the public will also be contributing to the war against criminals in the society.
14  Forum / Naijapals Base (Metro life) / Ivory Coast Ruler Captured on: 11-04-2011 05:05PM
ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast – Forces stormed the bunker where Ivory Coast's strongman Laurent Gbagbo hung on to power Monday, arresting the man whose refusal to hand over the presidency to the election winner left hundreds dead and threatened to re-ignite a civil war in the world's largest cocoa producer.
Gbagbo's dramatic arrest came after days of heavy fighting during which French and U.N. helicopters fired rockets at his presidential residence. Forces backing the internationally recognized winner Alassane Ouattara had begun a rapid offensive to oust Gbagbo late last month.
Issard Soumahro, a pro-Ouattara fighter at the scene, told The Associated Press that the ground offensive to seize Gbagbo came after the French launched airstrikes until at least 3 a.m. Monday.
"We attacked and forced in a part of the bunker. He was there with his wife and his son. He wasn't hurt, but he was tired and his cheek was swollen from where a soldier had slapped him," Soumahro said.
TV footage showed Gbagbo emerging from his bunker in a white sleeveless undershirt, and then donning a colorful print shirt. He was interrogated and brought to the Golf Hotel, where Ouattara has been trying to run his presidency since the Nov. 28 vote. Officials are now waiting for him to sign a document that formally hands power over to Ouattara, Soumahro said.
"The nightmare is over for the people of Ivory Coast," Ivory Coast's U.N. ambassador said.
Youssoufou Bamba, who was appointed U.N. ambassador by Ouattara, said Gbagbo will face justice. He predicted that fighting that has wracked this former French colony will stop as soon as pro-Gbagbo forces learn of his capture.
It will be very difficult for Ivory Coast to mount a domestic court to try Gbagbo, said Richard Downie, an Africa expert at the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies, adding that it would "probably be a lightning rod for more unrest."
"(Ouattara) didn't want to come to power this way, though the barrel of a gun," Downie said. "He was elected fairly and freely. But this is the situation he was dealt. It's going to be incredibly difficult for him to bring the country together."
Ouattara's private television station broadcast images of a serene Gbagbo sitting on his bed. It was not immediately clear if the images were taken immediately after his capture.
Ouattara's ambassador to France, Ali Coulibaly, told France-Info radio: "It's a victory ... considering all the evil that Laurent Gbagbo inflicted on Ivory Coast."
He emphasized that the man in power for a decade would be "treated with humanity."
"We must not in any way make a royal gift to Laurent Gbagbo in making him a martyr," Coulibaly said. "He must be alive and he must answer for the crimes against humanity that he committed."
Some critics had accused Gbagbo of clinging to power in part to avoid prosecution by the International Criminal Court. ICC prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo has begun preliminary examination of possible war crimes and crimes against humanity in Ivory Coast, including accusations leveled against forces seeking to install Ouattara.
Ivory Coast was divided into a rebel-controlled north and a loyalist south by a 2002-2003 civil war. The country was officially reunited in a 2007 peace deal. The long-delayed presidential election was intended to help reunify the nation but instead unleashed months of violence.
Gbagbo, who won 46 percent of the vote, held power for a decade and already had overstayed his mandate by five years when the November election took place. When the country's election commission and international observers declared he lost the election after it was finally held, he refused to step down.
The former history professor defied near-universal pressure to cede power to Ouattara. The two set up parallel administrations that vied for control of the West African economic powerhouse. Ouattara drew his support from the U.N. and world powers. Gbagbo maintained his hold over the country's military and security forces who terrorized his opponents.
He wrapped himself in the country's flag as he took the oath of office.
"No one has the right to call on foreign armies to invade his country," Gbagbo, still taking a nationalistic stance, declared in a televised address on New Year's Eve. "Our greatest duty to our country is to defend it from foreign attack."
Ivory Coast gained independence from France in 1960, and some 20,000 French citizens still lived there when the civil war broke out.
French troops were then tasked by the U.N. with monitoring a cease-fire and protecting foreign nationals in Ivory Coast, which was once an economic star and is still one of the only countries in the region with four-lane highways, skyscrapers, escalators and wine bars.
Gbagbo had described efforts to oust him from power as tantamount to a foreign coup d'etat. On Monday, the French government sought to distance itself from Gbagbo's arrest. Cmdr. Frederic Daguillon, the French forces spokesman in Abidjan, said French forces were not involved in Gbagbo's arrest.
Other West African nations had considered military intervention to remove Gbagbo, but those efforts never materialized and sanctions imposed on Gbagbo and his inner circle by the U.S. and European Union failed to dislodge him. Human rights groups accused his security forces of abducting and killing hundreds of political opponents as the deadlock dragged on.
While the United Nations passed resolutions allowing its peacekeepers to intervene to protect civilians, anti-Gbagbo neighborhoods in Abidjan continued to be pummeled with mortars. So many people were killed that the local morgue began stacking corpses on the floor because they had run out of space in the refrigerated vaults.
Ouattara attempted to assert his authority from the Golf Hotel, protected by U.N. peacekeepers, while the would-be president tried to financially strangle Gbagbo by imposing an embargo on cocoa exports. In a desperate move, Gbagbo seized control of foreign banks in Abidjan — prompting their flight and a liquidity crunch.
After months of political deadlock, forces backing Ouattara began a dramatic offensive in late March, taking the administrative capital and reaching the largest city and commercial capital, Abidjan, in just days. They met resistance in Abidjan, where Gbagbo and his family sought refuge in an underground bunker at the presidential residence.
Last week, U.N. and French forces intervened to destroy Gbagbo's arsenal of weapons used on civilians, firing rockets from helicopters and ultimately sending French tanks to the strongman's home.
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Alain Robert is also known as the French Spiderman.

He has scaled more than 80 buildings around the world, including Chicago's Sears Tower and Taipei 101 in Taiwan.

It took Mr Robert around six hours to climb the 160-storey tower in Dubai after wind delayed his ascent for hours.

A large screen allowed people to watch him, but he said that made him more nervous than the climb itself.

"I know everybody is going to look at me so it's a bit of - a lot of - stress in fact," he said beforehand.

Mr Robert first climbed up a building at the age of 12 after he was locked out of his flat.

He decided to climb the eight stories to get in through an open window.

He has been arrested many times in various countries as authorities rarely give permission for his climbs.
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lol..but u nor dey fear God self???
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more comments pls
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